No longer a virgin

Dear Aunty Lisa

I met a man who robbed me of my virginity and promised to marry me only to find out that the man is married. Now he no longer calls me. He ignores my calls and accuses me of trying to destroy his marriage. My worry now is that I am no longer a virgin, who will want me like this, how do I tell my mother that I have lost my virginity? I am also failing to let go, my heart is still attached to this married man. – Miss Pee

Dear Miss Pee

Do not live a life of regrets. To keep holding on to what is not real is suicidal. The man is married. You should be happy that you found out before you have taken that relationship any further. Move on with your life. The right person for you is out there and he will still love you despite not being a virgin. Virginity is not all there is to being a woman. A man who judges a woman by that is naïve.

You need to learn from the experience and make sure that you will not let yourself fall into the same pit again. If you do not realize what kind of a loser this man is you will end up the biggest loser in the end. He will take advantage of you again, abuse your trust and remind you that he told you he is married.

Your mother does not need to know if you think she will make a big fuss out of it; unless you are pregnant. In that case you will need her support in deciding what to do next. In the meantime just stop worrying, forget about him and move on. – Aunty Lisa

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