Pressure to perform

Dear Aunty Lisa

I just started a new job and I am finding myself under pressure to perform and I am afraid I may not live to their expectations. I leave work with my head about to explode and I am fearing for my health. What can I do? – Miss Pee

Dear Miss Pee

I am sorry you are finding yourself under a lot of pressure. That is usually a normal feeling with dealing with a new job. You tend to worry about a number of things as you try to fit in or settle. You want to try to please your bosses and live to their expectations.

Try to be normal, be yourself and be hardworking to the extent that your body allows you to. As much as you need to fit in you need not do harm to your health for you need to be fresh and ready for each day.

Give yourself some time to learn the culture of your new company and I have no doubt you will fit in and start performing well, you just don’t need to rush it. Your bosses will understand you and believe that you have the potential to meet their expectations if they are patient. – Aunty Lisa

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