Vigil plans protest

The Vigil protested at a Zanu (PF)-backed visit to London by a delegation of Zimbabwean business leaders. The demonstration took place on Tuesday outside the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House where the delegation was appealing for international investment and the removal of targeted sanctions against Mugabe and his cronies.

The delegation was led by Charles Msipa, President of the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries and Managing Director of Schweppes Zimbabwe. Mr Msipa is said to be a member of a secret business committee of Zanu (PF) for which he mobilises funds. He played a big role in the farm invasions and is a close ally of former Mines Minister Obert Mpofu, the looter in chief of state diamonds.

Here’s what Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti said about Zanu (PF)’s economic policies: ‘The biggest problem with Zanu (PF) is that they don’t understand money and the economy. They are functionally illiterate. They think that money grows on trees. People just believe in spending, spending, spending. It’s like a broiler chicken. The broiler just eats. It doesn’t know why it’s eating. It eats itself to death. It’s consumption for the sake of consumption. It’s oblivious of where the food is coming from. It just eats 24 hours a day. So they have got a broiler chicken syndrome, they are oblivious kuti mari inobva kupi.’

As we were not allowed into the meeting, we suggested the following questions might be asked of the broiler chickens:

• Why is Zimbabwe asking Britain to pay the school fees of 1 million children when the new constitution provides for free schooling?

• Why is a so-called loan to Zimbabwe from the African Development Bank funded by the UK and other reviled Western donors?

• Why should the West give any money to Zimbabwe at all when all they get in return is abuse?

• Why, when civil servants, even after their recent pay rise, can still earn less that $400 a month, should a Zanu (PF) crony earn $230,000 a month for running the bankrupt medical aid society for public servants?

• Why do public projects collapse in Zimbabwe such as the Plumtree-Mutare road rehabilitation project?

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