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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Who do you think is the guilty party here – Kereke or Gono?

Both are guilty. But in their fraudulent acts Gono further cheated Kereke and he got a big share. They should have shared equally. Now Kereke wants to expose all the fraud that they did. And because of his closeness to the old man, Gono will fix Kereke. We are talking of millions, not thousands of US Dollars here. – Mashonaland Dickmarsh

If Kereke handheld Gono it means he too is guilty of corruption. It implies whatever Gono did at RBZ, Kereke knew everything because he would have advised Gono to do it.Its just a futile attempt by Kereke to try to draw attention away from his rape case. – Brighton Majoni

Both. – Ozias Mthunzi

Justice delayed is justice denied. What’s taking so long to make judgment on the rape case? – Samanyika Wenharo

Both are guilty but Gono to a greater extend…them we can solve Kerekes small issue afterwards- Robert Tinashe Ngwende

Robert Tinashe Ngwende
Robert Tinashe Ngwende

My advise to mr kereke, “there is no help to go to law with the devil when the court is held in hell”………. I trust you are learned enough to understand the advise. – Farai Marange

Both! brewing animosity comes from some deals that didnt go well coz of greediness on the other part! – Jacob Mabvunure

Until proven guilty by the judge, they re not guilty 4 now. – Bekezela Sibanda

Kereke led Gono by the hand so he is responsible. His statements implicate him in the ‘crimes’ Percy Maramba

Kereke z guilty. As an advisor, he shld hv expozd Dr Gono immediately after realising that Dr Gono ws abusing his authority. If e allegations r tru, he too shld face prosecution. Aftr ol he z a serial rapist. Dr Gono z innocent, its ol abt succession issue. – Joel Mutasa

Kereke is the big thief because as an advisor its whom who advised Gono to steal all that money and cover up everything he must be the first to be arrested – Edson Karichi

Non is guilt til convicted – Love Leal Tekwana

Diamond abuses: CCDT raises alarm

what exploration all of sudden the police and the army are now metalurgist. In ZANU, ARMY, POLICE and GOVERNMENT there is an operation going on called KEKUPEDZIRA Mudhara akuenda. So looting is at hte highest level. – Tinevimbo Thakah Charltine

Which camp do you think has more chance of providing Mugabe’s successor – Mujuru or Mnangagwa?

There are a lot of megalomaniacs in ZANU PF.They will kill each other and the party will become extinct – Brighton Majoni

There will be no camp to talk about when Bob finally goes.There will be fragments of the party and that will be its end – Brighton Majoni

Mujuru. Maybe things will be a bit better. And she has acted president, Mnangagwa hasn’t done that. So , she is better qualified than him . Pamberi namai Mujuru. – Marjorie Kashiri

Under which banner would they run? – @iamTinoMurira

Sounds like a #SOUTHSUDAN situation developing. POWER STRUGGLE and #CIVILWAR and then #INWARDINVESTMENT DESIRED! – @Zambman

Mai Mujuru, my vote would go to her. The other man has too many issues. – @QueenNosipho

Are you better off now than you were five years ago?

Facts are sturbon, nomatter how one can try to be verbally defencive, they still stand. Only mentally blind beings can dispute that we are now poorer than we were in 1990 – Peter Masanga

Do you think women are just as capable as men in any industry?

I was discouraged from taking up Building studies at GCSE because it was for ‘boys’. Did it and passed #twimbos – @Choclez

U dont need to have balls to be a good leader! – @BarbaraNyagomo

Women can do very well in any industry definitely need more women Presidents to fix the world – @Mambokadzi

Would we ever ask if men were as capable as women? Is capability rooted in being a man? [email protected]

Do you think the illegal structures in Epworth should be demolished? Should the residents be compensated? If so, by who?

Thats politics- Nixon Mtakwa

If thy are illegal thy should be! But the government should take care of its peopl too @AfroHolic_Kingz

In one of the poorest neighbourhood in th country….its a shame [email protected]

So where will those people stay? People should just stop urbanization and know there are no jobs – @vimz12

Do you agree that modern technology is killing family life? What should be done about it?

Benard Gambe personally i think u blaming tec fo nothing, its ol bout u guys deciding wat to do @ wat tym, make some family tym no technology from lets say jas b4 dinner up till maybe 8.30pm and c how it goes – Benard Gambe

wher u agree to spent some tym togethor as a familly becoz in reality u cant blame whatsapp and tec coz i f u dont attend to that it wont distract u, the lady shld jas try something even if it may seem not ideal but eventually i believe they will get close again coz d way i c it dey drifting apart. It may not b d best solution but fo me its a start and it will b weird @ first but hey i think dey have to force it down their throats and hopefully it will work out. I got a qn, do these guys spent sometime togethor on wknds or its atambayake atambayake? – Benard Gambe

Give yo family sometme even wt l decided 2share my fone wt my live in girlfriend were hav times we dont use it and we a ok wt it – Herbert Chagwetera

likkle noleji izi vheri dhenjarasi – Theo Sibanda

Yes I believe it is. Even with the example of Divorce cases in court. Tech is one cause – @JermaineJames

Do you think Harare Hospital is extending an acceptable service to the community?

Do they have food, linen, meds, staff? No? Then no! – @iamTinoMurira

What is the point of the budget if government never pays the money to the ministries as allocated?

Great question. Usually the budget is over optimistic and only allocate a fraction of what they promise, esp with education! – @RebZMano

It won’t happen without democracy – & we have zilch @ConorMWalsh

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Mugabe today?

how to stop his greedy henchman fighting before he dies over the control – PissyWhiskers

How to stop his imminent death – Taps Mutundashuga

The biggest challenge is money. Unless diamonds money is accountable , it’s going to be so hard to turn around the economy for the better . It’s sad that we have a government which is full of ministers who have been government ministers for 34 years . Do you expect any good work coming from them ? They are all senile ! And that’s most unfair for the masses . Unless we have new brooms in, the economy will further go down . – Marjorie Kashiri

He is suffering from poor thinking – Fair Politician

Zhomwa,suitable successor is there.Intelligent, moderate and capable of turning the economy around.Sheeeee…..what else full stop nga. – Ozias Mthunzi

A leader who waits to be given the reigns on a silver platter is weak,that’s why I told you that noone in Zpf is sincere and by failing to contest the presidential seat from Mugabe showed to Mugabe that they are weakling and cowards. – Washington Zhomwa

The bigest changes are (1)to cab corruption amoung his top ministers(2)who exactly can be able to success him,who can also unite the part as it is now,ie stablising power wrangles and part divisions – Elliot Tirimboyi

I think the bigest challenge facing him is how to find suitable personnel to replace him in his party. Mugabe must be seeing that there’s noone is his party who has presidentialistic fibre and it must be gnawing him.I feel sorry for him. – Washington Zhomwa

biggest challenge is his health – Ahshywhell Mudadigwa

His biggest challenge is coruption – Ceasar Chimbwanda

Oh please, there are capable leaders under every rock. No one is indispensible. He just does not want a new leader to turn on him like what happened to Chiluba in Zambia.He trusts no-one. Not even his close allies. My pen is capped. – Jerà Afrika

No doubt the economy and his age – @teldah

Change ministers of finance, industry and the judicial services must clean up the courts backlog. He must stick to his words on reviving Bulawayo industries of which some companies like DZL Holdings are still moving machinery to Harare and Chitwingwiza.Finally reshufle is necessary to remove the confused ministers b4 its too late. GONO FINANCE MIN – Inocent Nkomo

Corruption and poor leadership, and think he has silently withdrawn from the whole presidency – @KuvakaZim

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Zimbabwe is seriously in need of leaders who worship God in truth & in spirit not mixing with the gods of this world. And corruption needs to be addressed, starting from the highest office to the ordinary people. Our leaders should seriously walk their talk when it comes to corruption no matter of your political affiliation & how connected you are to those in high authority. We don’t want a scenario where the guilty ones walk free & the innocent going to jail. We want leaders with the right mind set who will always stay positive & with the right qualifications for the job so they can able to deliver what is expected of them by the electorate. And also leaders with energy not those who sleep when they are expected to work. We don’t expect our leaders to provoke opposition leaders & international community rather than building relationships for the betterment of nation. It already proved that making enemies won’t pay. – Benson Brown

The challenge he is facing is cooperation from both within his party n the nation at large. Peopple dont trust him even his ministers dont have confidence in their gvt.another challenge is his international relations, its xtremely poor, corruption again within his followers n selfcenterdness ie self seeking , they dont consider the whole nation s plight. His challenges are more than oppotunities. He is finished. He wont rise again puting into consideration his age – Oliver Madyiwa

Greatest challenge is the dearth surrounding his health – Martin Mukanganise

The economy under-pinned by the need for consistancy on policy and corruption to mention just but a few- @DavidTakawira

Biggest challenge is rising expectations of the people, esp. wrt election promises and to end of love affair with China who are unwilling to fund ZW development – @Alexweir1949

Himself I’m reliably informed [email protected]

Hez too old to control all his thieving cronies so they r takin advantage of him.90yrs old is juss too much 2 undertake such task – Tineyi Deya

The bigst problm Cde President has now is the people around him…………most of them have been ministrs 4rm day one but they got nothin 2 shw…….bsidz fat pockets and fat belly.z – Takunda Nyamasvisva Pasipamire

What is your definition of true indigenisation?

Bringing Chinese to take all mines and business with Chinese workers – @sammubs72

The problem is that african governments are lazy. They need to gather information and data on various economies and markets. Once they understand the markets then they will know where to focus their efforts. Let us simplify the agricultural economy. A tobacco farmer will receive money (loan) from a banker. He will plant and grow his crop at a cost which is covered by his loan amount. He will then sell that crop and receive a revenue for it. The finance costs for the loan the labour the inputs will all be less than his revenue and so he will make a profit. The bank that makes the loan can approach world markets and offer a premium to investors. This means after the selling season the banker returns to his investors their principal plus interest (agreed premium over what the developed world is offering). The banker makes a profit as he on lends at an interest rate higher than the premium he is charged. The inputs should be manufactured locally and this was always the case. The fact is that the only weakness currently is that both banks and the government what to do lazy banking where you give someone money and leave them to their own devices thereby increasing their susceptibility to credit risk. There are banking models that enable the lender to control how the borrower uses funds and ensures that funds are utilised for their intended purpose. It has a higher operational risk but this is offset by the lower credit risk and with each successful season the interest of lending should reduce and they would be no need for requiring land security to disburse cash. Any industry can be rejuvenated if one understands their market and the correct structures are put in place to enable goods moving from production to market. – Reginald Mudunge

There is no way we can go it alone. We are begging for maize amid a succesessful land grab.if you think we can run the show then relntroduce the Zim dollar. Sometimes its better to be a puppet when your people are not suffering than to pretend as if all is rossy when grapes are actually sour.we should mean what we say. Alot of trained staff are roaming the streets taking nghoma and high rate of crime yet you continue to recruit enmass.i wonder – Simba Leon Chivizhe

Do you think small scale miners should contribute to community development schemes?

Very good idea…I think the community should also get share trusts from them. – @goldfyre

Do you think parents should come together and take the government to court for violating the constitution?

There should be free education according to the constitution . We have all that money which is being used to buy the latest mobile phones for those thousands of young men and women. Ndarasika, NO. – Marjorie Kashiri

I am sorry to say this but this is illogical.Considering the economic conandrum that the country is facing at the moment the insinuation is inane becoz the government itself has no money and is failing to pay civil servants salaries.How do you expect it to abide by the constitutional compact when the nation is facing intractable financial constraints.Lets be realistic people even MDC-T would not attempt such move until the economy is stabilised.Lets not forget that an attempt to do this will aggravate the situation and see the nation on a free way tumble to 2008. – Skizy Castler

Measures should be put in place for government to collect enough revenue to be able to subsidize the education sector before we can talk of free education!! We really would welcome it. – Tims Kams

And achieve no teachers with no pay and no school anyway. Come on guys! – Angus Hulley

If education was free everyone would be educated .we would be able to manage our own business & create jobs for our own country. – Memory Mpofu

Who put that current economy sir? Is it Zimbabweans or the current government? Education should be free for the benefit of the country. – Godfrey Ngaite Malinga

Of coz they wil olwayz b arguments abt hu iz 2 blame 4 t curent economic situation,im nt gona dwel on that,bt 4 a rytfuly minded person 2 say Pipo shud stop payin scul fees 4 their kidz ryt nw,iz absurd. – Romeo Munyikwa

In South Africa there is free education. – Memory Mpofu

What does the constitution say? We should go by what it says as simple as that . Let me be clear with this , as I said before , we don’t need those thousands of men and women supplied with latest mobile phones to monitor people on social networks . Who are they monitoring ? An enemy ? There is no enemy in Zimbabwe , people are simply not happy about the hardships they are experiencing . Companies are folding up on weekly basis leaving thousands unemployed and yet we afford to have those young men and women paid for to monitor harmless people on social networks . Surely wouldn’t that money better be used for educating our children?

Education is the life weapon in today’s world, whoever you are , wherever you are and whatever you do . Is that doing a good service to those young men and women by providing them with something which is so temporal and unconstructive. Instead of using that money to equip them with life skills like having projects of different kinds , thereby giving them the opportunity to exploit what they learned at school. Remember: nobody is born without abilities. Why not harness those abilities and reach their highest potential?

If we want a better tomorrow for our children, we have to do the best we can to equip them with skills , bring out their talents, so that they will be self reliant other than depend on hand outs from a political party which is after ballot vote. It’s common sense if you do good to someone , they will not forget you. And this is crystal clear, if the ruling party will give those youngsters life skills , surely they will not vote any party but the one which gave them a life time meal ticket . Remember as Edward Thorndike said , “The intellect, character and skills possessed by any man are the product of certain original tendencies and the training which they received.” Mario Guamo at a conference in 1984 said, “For the love of God: please make this nation remember how futures are built.” It’s most unfair to give young people temporal gratification when their future is so blank. It’s not fair when a parent struggles to pay fees for their child and a child who meets a disgruntled unpaid for months teacher. If only the Marange diamonds money could be well managed. – Marjorie Kashiri

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