26 new attorneys sworn into office

Mozambique’s Attorney-General, Augusto Paulino, on Thursday called for “a great deal of dedication and total commitment to work” from 26 new attorneys whom he swore into office.

With the new attorneys, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will now have representatives in 130 of the country’s 151 districts.

At the ceremony, Paulino warned that the job of a district attorney is extremely demanding, and those who enter this profession must be prepared to face the challenges it involves.

“We want full-time attorneys, who embrace this career body and soul, accepting sacrifices and privations in order to bring dignity to the job”, he stressed.

The entry of newly trained attorneys into the career should contribute to developing and increasing the activities of the public prosecutor’s office. “We hope that your presence in the districts will bring added value to the state and to the Mozambican justice system”, Paulino declared.

He wanted the new attorneys to “revolutionise” the institution. He called on them “to make use of your youth with the creative capacity to serve the people and serve them well”.

Paulino warned that attorneys “are always available to citizens 24 hours a day. They never sleep, they’re always awake, they’re never in difficulties, but always have some solution to each problem that citizens present”.

Even when the law means that there is no room to discuss the questions raised by citizens, an attorney should always find means of comforting those who have come to seek his advice or assistance, added Paulino.

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