Author looks for purpose and hope with new book

Can you read yourself to a new you? FARAI MABEZA talks to author Cynthia Hakutangwi, a woman on a mission to transform others and get women into Zimbabwean leadership.

 Tsitsi Dangarembga
Tsitsi Dangarembga

In the foreword, writer and filmmaker Tsitsi Dangarembga describes The Whole You as being for anyone who has been hurt. The author, Cynthia Hakutangwi, says the book allows people to look inside themselves and answer the “purpose question”.

“Every human being is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual being and the spiritual is the denominator. God has given each and every one of us a purpose,” she says.

The book deals with many issues ranging from relationships, self-image, physical health, accountability and mentorship, which Hakutangwi says are essential components to a wholesome existence.

Speaking to The Zimbabwean she says her mission is to transform people.

“I see myself as a transformational change agent. I see myself as a catalyst who invades people’s comfort zones questioning complacency,” she says.

Hakutangwi credits her own experiences in a single parent household for shaping and moulding her destiny. She wants people to follow the same path of finding purpose even from brokenness.

“I had very difficult experiences growing up, some of which left me scarred and traumatised. What revived me was my spiritual anchor,” she says, explaining that becoming a Christian as a young adult was an important turning point in her life.

“I want Zimbabweans to understand the mandate they have in terms of restoring their nation. We tend to leave everything to our leaders, which in itself is not incorrect, but every Zimbabwean has a sphere which they can have an impact in if they have achieved a state of wholeness,” she says.

“People must see themselves as vital organs of this huge entity called Zimbabwe. People must ask themselves what they can give back to their nation.”

She says it is important for people to be “built up” at individual level, so that they become useful at a wider level.

“The book is an instructional personal development book giving tools and resources on how you can develop yourself,” she says. “The temptation for most people is to focus on careers and making money, but you need to be deliberate about your daily activities”.

Hakutangwi is also the founder of Women Politicians Incubator Zimbabwe, which she describes as a training and mentoring organisation to help women into leadership.

“Women are not taking up leadership positions for various reasons, such as a lack of the right mentors or lack of platforms where they can be nurtured,” she says.

Through WOPIZ Hakutangwi says she wants to challenge cultural belief systems that promote a patriarchal leadership model.

“If women can participate meaningfully in nation-building, this will take us to a place where our nation can be restored,” she says.

WOPIZ is also working with young women in high schools and tertiary institutions.

“We provide a platform where the young women interact with women parliamentarians, women in business and women in the political sphere,” Hakutangwi explains.

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