CIOs want me out: Chiyangwa

Central Intelligence Officials who tortured Zanu (PF) district chairperson Joe Chiyangwa have reportedly launched a campaign to push him out of the party. Zanu (PF) will hold internal elections to elect a new leadership of the Bulawayo district this weekend.

Joe Chiyangwa
Joe Chiyangwa

According to sources, the CIO officials blame Chiyangwa for busting a gold syndicate at Old Nic Mine in which they were involved. They are pushing another Zanu (PF) cadre, Caleb Sengu to take over the chairmanship and have accused Chiyangwa of unspecified cases of corruption.

Sources who attended a district Zanu (PF) meeting held at Davis Hall recently, said “There were some members who came to the meeting breathing fire that Chiyangwa was corrupt and so should not stand in the coming elections because. They are believed to be taking instructions from Magnet House (CIO’s headquarters in Bulawayo).”

But the party’s secretary for the commissariat, Cannaan Ncube, subsequently announced that Chiyangwa was free to stand. Chiyangwa confirmed that there had been debate on his qualification to stand and blamed it all on his CIO assailants.

“The CIOs are doing everything to destroy me. It has never happened in the history of the party that a member is disqualified from standing in elections because of unproven claims. The constitution does not say so but here are fellow party members conniving with people who almost killed me to say I should not stand in the elections,” said Chiyangwa.

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