Clever craftsman has business licked

A Bulawayo craftsman, Precious Moyo, has shown ingenuity by using other people’s throwaways to earn a living.

Precious Moyo makes sculptural bowls and pots out of discarded ice cream sticks.
Precious Moyo makes sculptural bowls and pots out of discarded ice cream sticks.

The 47-year-old from Lobengula West high-density suburb transforms discarded ice cream sticks into products such as fruit baskets, egg holders, lamp-holders and flowerpots.

Moyo said that by using the waste sticks as his source of material he was earning a modest living for him and his family and was also helping clean up the streets.

“I collect the ice cream sticks mostly from schools and fast food outlets,” he explained. “A lot of people view me as mad person because they always see me picking the sticks up off the streets. People can say whatever they want but the truth is I am making a living through these sticks.”

Moyo said he only resorts to buying the sticks during winter period when the ice cream selling business slos down.

“During this period, I sometimes travel to South Africa to source the sticks from ice cream producing companies. I normally prefer local sticks because they are more cost-effective. The only other thing I need is glue,” he said. Moyo constructs and then polishes his finished products, which sell from $5 each to $30 depending on the size and quality.

Moyo said during last year’s World Tourism Summit in Victoria Falls he made brisk business at his stand.

“Because of the uniqueness of my products, a lot of tourists were interested,” he said. “One pastor from the United Kingdom bought a whole suitcase of my products. He even pledged to help me penetrate the European market.”

He said his future plans were set up a shop in town where he could sell and exhibit his craft.

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