Corruption exposé: Mujuru’s image soiled?

Recent statements by Vice President Joice Mujuru in defence of corrupt management at public institutions has soiled her integrity say experts.

Rejoice Ngwenya
Rejoice Ngwenya

Mujuru, who is in line to succeed President Robert Mugabe, shocked the nation when she blasted the media for publicising obscene salaries earned by top executives at parastatals and other public institutions.

She told a Zanu (PF) Mashonaland West Provincial Women’s Conference last week that: “Media exposure of ‘obscene’ salaries earned in the public sector was a strategy by the enemy to destroy the party and Zimbabwe.”

Political analysts described Mujuru’s attempts to sweep corruption and looting under the carpet as unacceptable. Political analyst, Shakespear Hamauswa said the statement could soil her image and jeopardise her chances as future head of state.

Her comments are seen as a calculated attempt to shield those fingered in the ‘salarygate’ who are considered to be aligned to her faction.

Another respected analyst, Greg Lennington, said leaders should not suppress public debate on issues of national interest and it was critical that people speak openly against corruption.

Political commentator Rejoice Ngwenya said: “There were clear and undisputable facts that there was serious abuse of high office in the parastatals. If Mujuru was clever, she could have blamed the quality of management and ministers who slept on duty while the obscene salaries were dished out.”

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