Fake Bronco could kill

A widely abused cough syrup with a high alcohol content, Broncleer or Bronco as it’s known, is being peddled by drug-dealers despite their knowing about its side-effects.

Bronco is still widely available, although the government has been trying to ban it.

“We have an agreement that no exports should be authorised from Botswana. We are in the pilot phase of this collaboration and, once we see results, we shall be replicating that process with other countries where the product is being exported from,” said Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe spokesman Richard Rukwata.

Bronco is sold for between $3 and $5 on the streets and peddlers have devised ways to maximise profits by mixing it with glycerine and other substances that make it stronger.

“We collect empty bottles and sell them to retailers in Mbare where packaging of concoctions of Bronco, DPH and other substances is done,” said a teenager from Mufakose.

“Bronco mixed with other substances is more intoxicating, but it usually causes stomach pain and other sickness,” he added.

Records indicate that a lot of teenagers are admitted to hospital with clots of the drug in their stomachs.

“The side-effects that are experienced are lack of co-ordination, mental confusion, visual hallucinations, blurred vision, dry mouth, urinary hesitancy and thickening of secretion. Other side-effects are constipation, dizziness and hyperactivity,” said a health expert. Fake mixtures are starting to become the norm in response to the drop in supply from Botswana.

“The drug makes me feel happy and energised, but if I go for a day without taking it, I go crazy and the craving becomes so strong to the extent that I sweat and don’t stop until I get the drug,” said a teenager from Kambuzuma.

“I urge youths to open their eyes because fake versions of Broncleer have adverse effects/ By abusing it, they could be dancing into an early grave,” added the health expert.

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