Let them eat cake

In 2005, when former US president George Bush failed to react speedily after Hurricane Katrina struck the predominantly black area of New Orleans, supporters of Mugabe, seeking to divert attention from local problems, alleged racism on the part of America. Bush was photographed looking out of the window of his Air Force One, viewing the disaster from up high. At least Bush popped round to see the scale of the disaster first-hand.

Former US president George Bush
Former US president George Bush

Mugabe’s reaction to floods in Masvingo was to board a plane, not to Tokwe-Mukosi but to the Far East, for treatment on one of the many bodily discomforts that come with old age. On his return, he spent $1M on his birthday bash.

Zimbabwe is faced with a humanitarian crisis, with two million people needing food aid. Over 300,000 underprivileged children need education assistance under the bankrupt BEAM project. But still, Mugabe manages to find 10,000 people to cheer him on.

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