Management of truth

VP Mujuru has also made a rather feeble, if not counterproductive, speech on corruption. She believes infiltrators inside Zanu (PF) are behind the corruption exposés because they want to destroy the party and derail that mythical entity called ZimAsset. Mujuru said corruption cases are resolved through proper channels and not in the media. Journalists are social stenographers. The management of truth is really the domain of politicians. Mujuru’s speech is typical of Zanu (PF) leader


When Mugabe publicly dressed down the corrupt Goodwills Masimirembwa, optimists (synonym for ‘the gullible’) felt the President was indeed on the anti-graft warpath. Optimists believed Mugabe would act decisively because not only did the president seem genuine but also because Zimbabwe has a special relationship with Ghana – the birthplace of the country’s more appreciated first lady, Sally Mugabe. Apart from its assistance to Zimbabwe’s liberation war effort, Ghana is regarded as the tezvara, the hallowed father-in-law to Zimbabwe. In Shona custom, one can never be forgiven for stealing from one’s tezvara. But Masimerembwa has relieved himself in the tezvara’s favourite calabash and escaped without being punished.

Prosecutor General, Johannes Tomana claims he cannot commence proceedings against Masimirembwa, until he has a docket from ZRP. When Ricky Nathanson, a transgender, was seen entering a women’s public toilet, a homophobic Zanu (PF) functionary was quick to haul Nathanson to ZRP central. Government doctors left patients bleeding on the operating theatre table just so they can subject Nathanson to a police-mandated physical exam. But now our prosecutors use red tape as excuse for not arresting a man fingered by the president? – Till next week, my pen is capped. Jerà

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