Mayor, residents eagerly await the investigation report

The Combined Harare Residents Association would like to welcome the decision taken by our elected leadership at town-house whose efforts are in tandem with our calls for sanity, accountability and transparency at town house.

The move to suspend the under-performing town clerk (Tendai Mahachi) has been long overdue given the state of service delivery in the City. We note with dismay that Harare City Council is being steered by a bunch of kleptocratic individuals who do not have any understanding or appreciation on what is required for one to earnestly serve in a public office let alone a local authority. Hefty perks and despicable salaries have been dangled amongst a click of corrupt, insensitive and incompetent few individuals who do not have a clue on how to utilize public funds and improve service delivery above all.

Harare is at its record worst in all aspects of service delivery. We find our City without water, good roads, affordable and effective primary health care yet millions of rate payers fund 18 individuals to live a Hollywood lifestyle without giving due attention to the basic contractual obligations which justifies their stay at town house.

We also note with disappointment the incessant, unwarranted and suspicious intervention by the Minister of local government, public works and national housing.

His verbal directive should be ignored by our elected leadership at town house in light of the legality, criticality and cruiciality of the matter at hand. For long we have stood silent in open view of Chombo’s blatant disregard of the people and our elected leadership at town house.

CHRA would like to inform the mayor that the decision to suspend the Town clerk according to us still stands and simultaneously warn Chombo that if Mahachi is going to be prematurely reinstated prior to the deterioration of the agreed three months, then the Minister must immediately look for a government grant to fund operations at town house otherwise residents will be mobilised not to PAY their rates. The effects of deteriorating services post rates boycotts are already being felt as of now and there will not be any difference because we are receiving pathetic services from municipal technocrats.

In the same spirit, CHRA demands to know the status of the land audit report which fingered Chombo as a beneficiary of vast tracks of land in Harare. We vividly remember that in 2010, a land audit team led by then councillor Warship Dumba unearthed numerous land inconsistencies pertaining to the allocation with Chombo and Chiyangwa being the beneficiaries of this arrangement.

The minister should be bold enough to declare his asserts and interests in light of his latest move which comes as an indicator that “he is an interested party” to say the least. His so called cabinet directive is a direct statement of approval to the corruption and rot at town house henceforth we duly offload our respect for him as a minister who is supposed to represent the people and give policy direction.

CHRA will ensure that no rates are paid to town house as long as this blatant, unparalleled disregard of rate payer’s money continues at the same rate at which services are deteriorating. Residents elected a leadership to town house henceforth the leadership shall listen to us, the electorate not one individual.

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