MDC-T admonishes Mangoma, information leakers

MDC-T, during its National Executive Council meeting held last Friday, censured all individuals, among them Elton Mangoma, for reportedly addressing the media without following proper procedures.


Contrary to claims by some senior party insiders who talked to The Zimbabwean after the Friday meeting, Mwonzora said Mangoma had not been suspended from the party.

"The meeting censured everybody who is not a party spokesperson but has been addressing or giving information pertaining to the MDC to the press. Mangoma was included among those that were censured," Douglas Mwonzora, the party Secretary for Information, told The Zimbabwean.

Mangoma has caused a stir for calling on Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC-T President, to step down and make way for leadership renewal; joining other senior members like Roy Bennett, Elias Mudzuri and Ian Kay in directly or indirectly pressuring the party leader to quit.

He has also reportedly leaked a letter he wrote to Tsvangirai calling for his resignation to the media.

"The meeting considered Mangoma's letter to Tsvangirai a non issue and a reflection of his own independent opinion. As MDC, we don't do reprisals against people who express they own opinions.

"However, it was resolved that issues to do with the party leadership must be discussed internally as doing so outside the party might present our opponents with the opportunity to distort things," he said.

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