Mugabe cash cow

At his lavish party, he was showered with gifts and praise from people who elbowed each other out of the way, to be first to genuflect before him.

A boy of not more than nine years recited a poem, one no doubt written by a sycophantic elder, keen to milk the cash cow that is Mugabe. For the event, Zanu (PF) exhumed and dusted off a white MC, who was clearly chosen to give the impression of racial harmony and to buy credibility in the eyes of Western critics – if at all they cared to watch. Over 90 cattle gave their lives to feed his hangers-on. Mugabe sat, or rather slouched, seeming to doze as praise-singers recited elegies.

The nonagenarian president was woken from his nap by the applause of his rented guests. A normal man quickly tires of excessive praise, deflecting the flattery with ‘oh, please stop, enough.’ But Mugabe appears to thrive upon the sycophancy of others. The sorry plight of his countrymen is bottom of his priorities.

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