Probe security sector salaries, demand activists

Anti-graft groups and analysts are calling on government to extend its probe into obscene salaries and allowances beyond parastatals to cover the security sector and other government departments.

Military, police and intelligence bosses have been awarding themselves astronomical salaries and perks for years.

The government recently launched an onslaught on parastatals, pushing them to reveal their conditions of service. Senior staff members have been found to have awarded themselves eye-watering salaries and allowances, while in some cases workers have gone unpaid for months.

Anti-corruption advocacy groups say the probe now needs to extend to the security sector and other government departments, where senior officials for a long time have been accused of using their power to amass wealth and abuse public resources.

They fingered the security sector as one area where bosses have over the years dipped into their coffers and fraudulently bought cars and awarded themselves hefty allowances.

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