Schools Closed as Flooding continues

At least two schools have been closed leaving thousands of students stranded as the humanitarian crisis along the Tokwe Murkosi dam basin worsens by each day.

The schools are currently being used as temporary shelter as flooding along the Tokwe Murkosi dam continues.

Over 300 homes were this week submerged in water as the water level in the Tokwe Murkosi dam in the southern part of the country continue to rise.

There are strong fears that several livestock might die as the villagers just abandoned their animals while escaping to safety on higher ground.

Severals schools according to government officials are going to be closed to pave way for the dam.

The closed schools include Zunga 1 and Zunga 2 all in Nungirai village in Chivi district. The affected people are currently staying at Zunga primary school .

All the classrooms at the school have been turned into houses while the school premise is now home to hundreds of the affected villagers.

The villagers are housed at Zunga where they are being given food rations by the government awaiting relocation to Triangle in the lowveld.

Pretty Munando was a student at the nearby Neruvanga Seconday School but has dropped out of school because of the disaster.

"I do not know whether i will be able to go back to school because no one knows weather schools are there in the area that we are going to be relocated", she said.

"I can not go to school now because i have no shelter", she said. The Tokwe Murkosi dam wall partially collapsed due to heavy rains.

There were fears that the dam wall might succumb to water pressure and collapse posing danger to the living downstream. However engineers have ruled out any possiblity of the wall collapsing.

A team of engineers from the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers was last week at the site to examine the dangers the dam wall might pose to villagers.

The affected villagers said they had their food destroyed and had nothing to eat and put on since nearly all their clothing including blankets were destroyed.

"This is catastrophic ", said Provinvcial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti. "We are appealing to everyone to assist because the situation is now unbearable.

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