Strike the head

Let us suppose for argument’s sake Mugabe is indeed a wonderful, non-violent, non-tyrannical leader. Then the question arises; if he is such a faultless man, then why does it require an orchestrated queue of men, women and children to kneel before him and exalt him?

Jonathan Moyo
Jonathan Moyo

Even lately when media minister Jonathan Moyo conveniently un-gagged the reporters at state mouthpiece the Herald, permitting them to run corruption exposés, they all tiptoed around Mugabe, choosing to pursue his juniors. Yet we all know that a snake, as we say in Zimbabwe, can only be killed by striking its head.

The bartender has served the last drink – ‘last call for alcohol ladies and gents’ – and the mother of all parties is concluded. What now, for the masses sleeping on empty stomachs. Perhaps we should gather the leftovers from the party and let them eat cake.

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