Swine nuisance in Nkayi

Neglected pigs owned by former Nkayi regional magistrate Thabekhulu Dube are causing havoc in a business centre.

Pigs are allowed to stray into the road, gardens, shops and even beer-halls.
Pigs are allowed to stray into the road, gardens, shops and even beer-halls.

According to villagers, more than 100 pigs, initially caged at Nkayi centre, were let loose more than a year ago. They are now destroying nearby fields and gardens, inconveniencing motorists, polluting open water sources and have become a daily nuisance.

A carefree Dube suggested to The Zimbabwean he did not care what the people thought of his army of pigs.

When this reporter arrived at Nkayi business centre, the marauding pigs were invading beer-halls and shops, fighting and scrambling for food.

Villagers said they were hesitant about approaching Dube for help because of his links to Zanu (PF) leadership.

“These pigs destroy everything we have. They stray into our fields and gardens, destroying everything. Be it be at night or during the day, we have to keep chasing them. The damage they are causing to this community is huge,” said one villager.

Another added: “It’s always a chaotic situation when the contingent of pigs arrives here scavenging for food. We need someone to help us get rid of them pigs because Dube won’t.”

A senior nursing official said they feared the pigs might harbour diseases and infect water supplies.

“They cause accidents as they run everywhere,” said another villager. “They also pollute our dams as they come and roll around, making the water muddy.”

Dube, who confirmed he was a full-time pig farmer, said the villagers should focus on pressing developmental issues and leave his pigs alone.

“Yes, they are my pigs, but there are better issues to tackle. There are no bridges, no roads and people are suffering and they need assistance,” he said.

According to the World Health Organization, the deadly streptococcus suis type II, although relatively common in swine, spreads to humans extremely rarely.

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