Two villages help the needy

A nhimbe was held at Mbuya Mumanyi’s homestead in Manamike village ward 6, in Chief Jinjika's area. Mbuya Mumanyi is an 82 year old widow who stays with her 6 orphaned grandchildren, with the eldest being in form 1. She lost 4 children, 3 to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and 1 to the 2008 political violence. People from two villages Mundeyiri village and Manamike village thronged Mbuya Mumanyi’s homestead and helped her to weed her field, which she was struggling to maintain.

The participants commended the initiative as it boosted the beneficiary's agricultural produce at the same time bringing the community together. Chief Jinjika blessed the occasion together with ward 6 councillor Mr. Mike Bema who later addressed the people and encouraged tolerance and peaceful coexistence among villagers regardless of one's political affiliation.

At every nhimbe, those who were not in any of the HZT peace clubs formed their own clubs which had representatives from various political parties and had and equal gender representation. The nhimbes managed to bring people across political party lines, it also managed to promote productive work and improve community wellness and food security. At least 600 people received peace building and tolerance messages from information material distributed during the nhimbes.

Heal Zimbabwe will continue with the project in Gokwe, Muzarabani, Buhera and Zaka as such platforms inculcate the spirit of tolerance and directs energies to productive work that promotes tolerance thus avoiding violent conflicts and tensions. The nhimbes were also used to inform communities affected by political violence on the provisions of the new constitution especially chapter 12 which mainly speaks to issues of human rights violations, justice and national healing.

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