What do the people say? 20 Feb 2014

More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Benard Gambe
Benard Gambe

Should consultants be allowed to use government facilities to operate on their private patients?

Corruption is everywhere across the country-hanzi, “–inodya payakasungirwa–” – Tazvings Alpha

They should. If a patient can’t afford private hospital fees but can pay government hospital theatre fees then why not? – @jpmatenga

The scandal is in the charges by specialists in general and the curiously slow rate at which specialists graduate at UZ – @TitusGwemende

Rotten state of affairs & self inflicted wounds hitherto hidden as sanctions narrative took centre-stage and is now exposed. – @DeproseM

Yes they should until their plight is met they can even indegenise those facilities. – Simba Leon Chivizhe

Private patients = private hospital. – @Naisheck

Of course not. Will result in shutting out the poor & those not connected. Access to public facilities shldn’t be commercialized. – @AfricaSoEquator

Who do you think owns the mansion?

The problem is that people ie the POVO have taken a very long time to understand that Zimbabwe belongs to very few powerful indivinduals. They have been looting and looting and looting since 1980. – Josphat Khumalo

Foolish Zanu supporters are wallowing in poverty while Zanu bigwigs are busy looting. – Kennedy Mafika

What do you think can be done to overcome male prejudice against women in Parliament?

Raises many issues, gender discrimination, labeling, immaturity of the male MPs & more fundamentally perceptions of quota systems. – @dubbydacious

Tried off the top of my head to name just one female MP sad to say I couldn’t. Something needs to be done right from school. – @MariaZest1

As one can master the art of turning a liability into an asset, these women can turn this around into their strength, they can work as a team and encourage each other to speak as one voice and openly confront the chavaunist on the spot. – Benard Gambe

Do you think this action by the residents will succeed in forcing council to collect their garbage? Would you consider doing the same to ensure service delivery in your area?

Lets pay and sue them for failing to deliver. – @BensonMugore

Have you ever tried to report a bad cop? How far did you get?

You never get anywhere, the whole system is corrupt. Corruption! Everywhere! – @BRIllmatik

CHINAMASA’S DESPERATION: ‘… What will soon be clear to Zanu (PF) is that we can add a million more currencies to our approved list but such moves will never improve liquidity.’ Jera.

This colony (Zimbabwe) will never be a country again. – Ahshywhell Mudadigwa

I think gvt should have considered using the American dollar only. Its confusing to have a busketful of currencies. It shows desperation and immaturity.Zimbabwe needs industries not a hoad of currencies. – Jacob Chifire

Is already aChinese colony. – Munyaradzi Kamuchanyu

Printing the Z$ can sound better than introducing the zhing yen in our economy. – Mudavanhu Marume

Desperate diseases need desperate remedies. Things are just not good dear friends. – Enock Kwinika

I don’t think this Zim’s socio-economic and political romance with the Far East will benefit it without engaging a home grown,well supported policy with the help of IMF and World Bank. – Irvine Mupfuri

China cannot just bring in their money for free like what the revolutionary party is hoping.The Chinese themselves demand US$ on trading. – Bee Tee

Zimbabwe is a zanu pf colony. – Oscar Mangena

Using their currency is not being a colony. – Hlalanikuhle Mlilo

What do you think is the most important thing necessary in building a successful nation?

I think we really need to re-focus and re-group as we seek to define our trajectory going forward. – @GutuObert

Hard work, peace and tolerance. – Alex Mandubani

Freedom. – @LivingZimbabwe

Good governance is key. It allows for proactive risk management. – @ngarison_Rah

Transparency. – @Melmellg

Character! We have no chance if without integrity. The value system of people determines success of a nation. – @HOCAfrica

Tolerance. – Kudakwashe Goromonzi

Public accountability and citizen freedom. – @ThomasMadhuku

Corruption free, hard working, respect of rights and property and above all God fearing society. – Irvine Mupfuri

Leadership. – Romeo Mutize

As James said ‘faith without works is dead,’ so for ou nation to be a gud and successfull nation, ‘action needs to follow words’. Too many pokitical gospels have been preached but little action has followed for example allegations of corruption are being reported yet in most cases results are not seen. – Benard Gambe

Putting the right people on the right seat, leading to the right destination. Problems become opportunities when the right people join together. – Dumisani Ndlovu

ZIMSEC O Levels are out with national pass rate of 20% What happens to the other 80%?

80% failed bcz of a plethora of reasons some of which the gvt is to blame. – @NyashaMpani

What skills do the 20% who pass come out with? Reading and counting? – @alt_goronga

I’m curious to know what these reasons are. – @piwayi

What happened to the UNICEF books? 20% only read them? – @tinashechirape

It is the work of imperialists. – @SweBhule

But seriously, what is the fate of the 80%? – @RebZMano

Natha incentive 2 overhaul dis incompetent govt! – @gracedadiso

My question wld be is it the curriculum, the children or rather the teachers. This is sad. – @mtonodzai

Definitely books don’t = automatic passes. Are teachers adequately supported? – @SirNige

Education in an investment and lack of meaningful returns affects pass rate. – @mukasiri

The answer lies in getting a better balance between academic and vocational education. – @DavidColtart

And I would add entrepreneurial and tech training. – @RebZMano

Education is losing value in our Zim society. – @Mambo_Jojo

What do you think the SA govt should do about the millions of Zimbabweans living and working in that country?

Some are formally employed- paying taxes, contributing to the economic progress of the country. Offering them citizenship wld b more than welcome. – Julius A Sibanda

They should give them political posts there and we rule them because they dont want to tell mugabe that we no longer need him.so we must invade Sa for letting us down.Kudoos to Khama. – Simba Leon Chivizhe

Tinofanirwa kupiwa zvitupa zvemo nekuvakirwa dzimba. – Thomas Gozah

Do you think a Valentine’s gift is an indicator of true love?

Valentine yacho chimbori chii. Collosians 2 vs 8 says, “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” – Shadreck Mbiragai

Mumwe munhu anogona kuwana mari yechipo asi iye asina basa newe. – William Chitemerere

Jas becoz he does not share the same belief with you does not mean he does not love you, i dont believe in it either but dat does not mean i dont luv my woman, my advice is dont force someone to believe wat u belive jas ive with d fact he is different, sometimes the gut feeling is right but u need more than that before u dump him. – Benard Gambe

Vale haina dhiri u cn tell if someone luvs u or not kumashure kwese saka uri bhambi. – Bla Tindo

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