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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Alice Karimakwenda
Alice Karimakwenda

Would you be willing to take the President to court over this? If not, who do you think should?

We have Law of Rule not Rule of Law. – @ConorMWalsh

Gladly and fully expecting the courts to declare Mugabe’s invalid decrees valid! – @Chen9et4i

Do you think Khama can achieve anything by his protest?

It is not about achieving anything but standing for the Trueth and wat is ryt. unfortunately thz days intergrt is expensive the world is full of liars cheats and murdurers. – Philani Ignatius Sojila

If ever he had children of his own he would feel it how it feels to be a family Zimbabwe is lead by family man with family at heart. So Mr Soldier man with or without you SADC will soldier on, the Khamas and the Tseretses before you respected human kind. moreso ZIMBABWE WILL NEVER A COLONY AGAIN – Andrew Sithole

Keep your puppet Botswana and we will keep our sovereign Zimbabwe – Privilege Nyamukondiwa

He might do well to propose changes to the SADC guidelines on free and fair elections. Apart from that he is isolated 4 now. – @TakuraZhangazha

SADC heads are yet to comment on it and for Zuma even trickier with their own elections coming up – @MkomaDhivha

Yes though he is a lone voice in the desert , Africa wake up and smell da coffee – Stanford Mudzvova

A president with vision – Madodana Madots Moyo

The stance taken by Ian Khama is a great step in the right direction and a warning to African leaders that their see no evil in trampling over peoples liberty is about to be challenged and questioned in publicThumbs up Ian Khama I am supporting you. – Jeremia Ndhlovu

He is telling as it is and is brave more than sadc – Onias Rombera

Africa has no man enough to the truth and say what exactly what happen Only Botswana – Magutshwa Jeremiah

Yes’s to khama he also cared about Zimbabweans – Sam Man Billion

Its too late – Brian Kofi

Was Khama elected or given the presidency? he knows nothing about democratic elections – Inocent Nkomo

May u keep your Botswana and give us space to keep our Zimbabwe – Ozias Encyclopedia Mudzibayi

Ofcoz we don’t dwell on the past , it is clearly open that he doesn’t know the full story of Zimbabwe. – Joshua Rocky Gonya

Do you think China really is Zimbabwe’s friend?

I think friendship is friendship and business is business. – @kndlela55

Wow, these guys really are naive. Friend? In politics lol. No, who wants friends? That’s a childish notion. Friends like eachother, we don’t need emotional ties, we need economic. – @Zimlife

Do you think SADC should have endorsed the 2013 election as free and fair?

Not free and fair – Phillip Zinhu

It should do that becoz Mugabe is one of the founder member of that organisation he is the one who is in control of it – Kurauwone Chinyama

oh yes – Andrew Sithole

Big no. – Talkmore Mudinzwa

Do you think NGOs should adopt programmes that suit Zim Asset?

They should monitor implementation and also provide an alternative framework – @TitusGwemende

Is Jonathan Moyo serious about stamping out state-sponsored corruption?

Anyone who works for Zanu is a dangerous criminal so we must not listen or having faith in him – Kurauwone Chinyama

I believe he is serious but is not being complemented by fellow Cabinet minister,a case in point Health Min Parirenyatwa only resolved to fire the chairperson of PSMAS not the board&Chombo remains mum on the Mahachi-Hre City saga – Bee Tee

Its only rhetoric talk. Jonathan has a corrupt background from a university fund. So if he really make serious moves towards stamping corruption, those in the corrupt ring will ask him to come clean on his corruption allegations first, and I doubt if he is clean on that issue. – Jackson Magaya

It’s just a stunt. Masimirembwa first, then we will believe him. In fact, it might be JM’s decision, after all. – Laiton Mkandawire

He isn’t serious. It’s cheap politiking. – @nqobani_nyathi

Do you think ZBC Listeners’ licences should be scrapped?

I don’t view anyone paying zbc license as normal. why would a normal person pay that license, what for? Paying for biased coverage of information.? Paying for partisan news reports? No I won’t do that!!! Scraping it is tantamount to none payment by people who are fed up and they. are trying to face save here. I want to appeal to my fellow countrymen like minded to ignore any demands from this rotten organization. Don’t pay coz I don’t, I don’t remember when I last listen or watch zbc tv. – Charles Ndlovu

A big YES! It’s now time our government should walk their talk. People are tired of empty promises. – Benson Brown

Yes long overdue – Andrew Chagumaira

What do you think Mugabe will be remembered for most of all? What will be Mugabe’s greatest legacy?

Letting it slide. – Prosper Ncube

hondo yeminda – Chrispen Mutserendende

Free Health and Education for all between 1980 – 90. – @ActivateZimbabw

Hopefully putting his people first and standing aside to make way for a fully democratic poll. #optimistic – @lukeroyes

Do you think Zimbabwe is still a colony?

If so, who are our colonisers now? Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. – Nixon Mtakwa

It’s a pity we are our own colonisers. – @elias_mambo

Dear Aunty Lisa, I am 34 years old and have been married for eight years. I work at the same company as my husband and we travel together to and from the office. I recently found out he is having multiple affairs with different girls at work. I find it so painful to go on day by day knowing my husband is cheating on me with my colleagues. I don’t know what to do. Please help.’ Mrs D.D How would you advise Mrs D.D?

This is quite tough. Surely hell for a woman is other woman. Those women know very well that he is married and to make the matter worse , they maybe talk and laugh with the woman. My advice is, be calm lady. It’s unfortunate that jobs are hard to come by these days, it could be best to find another job. As for your husband, change rules: no condom, no sex. Asked why? Expose his mischievousness, his infidelity. Tell him in a very composed mood to show him that you are cultured. As for those women at work, forget about them. They are nonentities who failed to find their own husbands. They are women of loose morals and men rarely want to marry such characters. Raise your head high because you achieved something they couldn’t, being admired and got married. You are 100 % a woman. Don’t involve yourself in any confrontation with them. You are smart. – Marjorie Kashiri

Listern, tell that man in a polite way,to try and understand why he is doing ths. Don’t be emotional I know it’s painful but be strong let your lover know that u know all what he is doing. Tell him how u love him and that ths cheating of him is affecting u. – Patrick Mugoto Ngwenya

Sista endai kumasowe moitirwa muteuro Coca cola , Warren Park masowe mahombe kwete evanhu 10 – Bla Tindo

akangwarisa uchapihwa Hiv ko confront him or ma good one acho and dress them down! – Nobert Madzongwe

Do you think Winky D is a sellout?

No he is not – Moses Chimbare

Bigman is not a sellout, but he just hits the nails’ heads. – Victor Zivira

Musicians are role models nd they should act in a way wher evry one is satisfied that their life is not a hurt tu da public yu knw their life is our entainment so i thnk he was absolutely right – Tarirai Twin Mananga

No. He is right. He is just a thorn in the flesh of those he exposed. – Benson Brown

Winky d is right ,other musicians hate him bcoz he said the truth plus bcoz he is leading them – Gibson Manwa

Facts are stuborn. He was only saying it as it is. – Rees Chitova

He is not a sellout, he just stated FACTS as they are. – Chris ManUtd Qroce

Now l believe that facts are stubborn,but the truth has to be said to rescue the Youths – Walter Zirima

Musicians are role models nd they should act in a way wher evry one is satisfied that their life is not a hurt tu da public yu knw their life is our entainment so i thnk he was absolutely right – Tarirai Twin Mananga

Are you worried about the weakening Rand? What does it mean for you personally?

Lets make money,why worry?who cares. – Patrick Mugoto Ngwenya

SA accounts for the greatest chunk of our trade deficit. Weakening rand might results in more imports. The recuperation our manufacturing industry is compromised by the weakening rand. – @mukasiri

How is it that a country that produce half of the world platinum cant afford to increase its workers salary wen those producing less can. Or are they saying blacks dont deserve r12,500? – Alice Karimakwenda

Very worried. SA is in the ‘FRAGILE FIVE’ affecting emerging markets which will have wider impacts. – @DeproseM

I’m more worried about Zim govt’s inaction in the face of increasing economic pressures. – @RickyEMarima

Not at all. Good for the $ earning Zimbo. – @nqobani_nyathi

Zvakatonaka. toita mari pasi pemunanga! – Eulogy Mabuyawa

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