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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Robert Tinashe Ngwende
Robert Tinashe Ngwende

Do you trust our judicial system? If not, why not?

True if you have money and you are affliated to a certain Party then you are above the law. – Robert Tinashe Ngwende

All cases of political heavy weights will be foregone conclussions.in their favour ofcause. – Simba Leon Chivizhe

True survey findings. Neposim, corruption. Its not only the judiciary but almost everything that has national interest. The issue of politics has killed professionalism in Zimbabwe. – Jacob Chifire

Judicial services is for nailing us the poor. – Inocent Nkomo

Anything Zanu PF must not be trusted. – Mashonaland Dickmarsh

PM spoke about this. He ended up in court. But the more money you have the longer the distance from jail. – @johnmokwetsi

There shoud be no interferrence among the three arms of gvt -ie- the Presidency, The Judiciary and the Legislature! But as it stands the judges have now relegated themselves into some bootlicking stooges of the Presidium and that is worrysome ! – Absalom Zulu

That is an area which needs to be looked at. If you have no money you rot in jail. – @BensonMugore

Do you think cabinet ministers should go on holiday every time the president goes away?

In communist society,they will work for the nation – Regai zvibayane cz their days are numbered + communism is coming hot. – Christopher Chapungu

Bhora mugedhe. – Obi Mikel Chisvisva

To be on leave and on duty are all the same there better of not there. – Simba Leon Chivizhe

Zvino Mugabe ava shamwari yechituru aaaah hameno. – Abraham Chikason Tombo

Do you think Zimbabweans should pay for education?

Basic and secondary education must be free and tertiary education accessible on part grant and part loan. – @ActivateZimbabw

The parents should. You cant wait for the government if you can afford it. – @vimz12

Do you think the police should be paid extra for doing their job at election time?

How do we define national duty from personal endavours? For me they should not. – @lmakombe

Do you think ZESA officers are lazy or corrupt? Or both?

This company called ZESA needs a massive clean up. – @BensonMugore

They need to liberalise the sale of power units. – @BruceChakatsva

Why do you think party officials shunned Banana’s memorial service?

Kuronga kufemera vamwe varume mugotsi ndokwakamukanya. – Victor Vicman

Tibvire Enda wochemera baba vako kurinda uko waida kuti military itinhe vanhu kuenda kunyaradzo baba vako kuti ndiani ngochani iyoyo nxa usade kudrawer attention zvenhando mfana tsvaga life. – Elder Malvin Mugauri

Haa bhururu panoti kufemerwa mugotsi apa ndopayipa. – Tawanda Enock Manyawu

Tinokurudzira Adam naEve not Adam & Steve so Sodindo vakarasika ipapo. – Gift Munyaka

Isu varikutonga hatikurudzire hungochani toteedzera zvirimubhaibheri Adam na Eve. – Thelma Kachakah

Mpfanami unochema nhando.Tsvaga imwe skiri. Waida kuti aMugabe vamanikidze vanhu kuuya here ku memorial ya baba vako. Grow up boy and join us in supporting warriors. – Alfred Aru Anso

Despite Canaan Banana’s sodomy taste, by virtue of the presidential post he had filled the dignitaries shld hv remembered his good deeds by attending this memorial so as to stimulate rememberance of nation’s history. – Stephen Zimuto Chinhuwo

The truth is, we cant rely on the past, yes history is good bcoz it makes us traces our past. Banana did what he did in his era, neither good nor bad it was his tym but the country is now facing a serious political and economic crisis that need a matter of emergence look on it. Zanu pf gvt will never solve this crisis its a power based party. Will history move this country forward? I dont think so. Zimbabwe needs to address issues afecting its people. – Evans Thulani Ndaba

Ngaangokumbirawo constituency chinyararire mpfana uyu anopiwa. aMugabe is a generous man. 1st anongoti sorry baba yaive ngochani but ini ndiri mustraight! – Agatha Chiseya

Do you think corrupt cops should be transferred – or disciplined?

The problem is on top guys no one will dismiss them even if its the right thing to be done. – Dlamini Dick

They are working in carhoots with their masters. – Simba Leon Chivizhe

They should be fired. – Nkosilathi Msonie Ndlovu

I think they dont just transfer, but to try and frustrate them. Dismissing corrupt officers is only done after they are tried/prosecuted and found guilty of such offence and a board of officers will convene to determine the suitability of such accused officer. So tranferring may not necessarily mean they are covering up for something. It might be an investigation technique. – Jacob Chifire

These are the symptoms of a system we have all created as a nation. Unfortunately they are not going to be answered by transfer, discipline, prosecution or firing. – @reginadumba

No need to even ask: corrupt cops should be locked away. For good. – @BelieveCitizen

They share the bribes so they cant fire them. – Josphat Khumalo

They should be fired!! transfer is not a solution, just moving problem elsewhere. – @cchabikwa

Its like taking a Hre serial rapist & dumping him in Byo and hoping that he won’t rape again. Nxaaaaa ! – Victor Vicman Karonga

Tranferring cancer from the liver to the stomach…and u call it a cure? Thus an insult to the other community. – Gain Sibanda

They need to be fired as a word of warning to others. – Danweath Gwanya

Do you agree with Vince?

Thats true. However, with this current government the poor continue to wallow with poverty whereas the zanupf elites continue enriching themselves. The poor are worse than a church mouse. They continue to grow poorer and poorer as the breadwinners have their dreams shattered as industries continue to shut down. – Sanchez Rennias Muchemi

The people should come first the armed struggle was fought for better life and equality for all regardless of whom or what religion not for individuality gains. – Evans Mulolowa

How would you advise Trouble Teen? Is education so important?

Asi ndiye akakuvhura here?kana ariiye kusiyana kwacho kuchati netsei. – Simba Leon Chivizhe

Sometimes parents are right taura twese sei vachidaro kwauri. Vaakuvenga their sweet daugher nhasi? – Allan Moyo

At 19 how educated are u really? – Agatha Chiseya

Shamwari namata god love u. – Dylan Ndambas

Take your time and dont allow infatuation to take charge of your feelings. Education is so vital in every life and at 22 he is very young and capable of educating himself. Your parents have seen better days follow their guidance and advice you may grow. – Jacob Chifire

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