Xenophobic letter targets Zims in SA

Some Zimbabweans and non-governmental organisations here are concerned about renewed threats of xenophobia.

Butholezwe Nyathi: advised Zimbabweans to remain alert.
Butholezwe Nyathi: advised Zimbabweans to remain alert.

The threats, largely directed at those living in Gauteng informal settlements like Alexandra, Springs, Orange Groove, Thembisa and Soshanguve, are carried in a letter that has been circulated on some social networks like Facebook and Whatsapp. The letter, badly-written and titled “Restructuring Our Land”, threatens to “deal” with foreigners, especially Zimbabweans.

“The foreigners are double size in number compared to us, and our state leaders sit and relax while we are dying of hunger due to unemployment ratio. …… Only few Citizens of the Republic of South Africa are allocated with RDP houses especially in this township, but they (foreigners) have due to bribes. Most of RSA citizens are also renting their motherland from foreigners and the TIME OF TURNING BLIND EYE TO THIS s***t/rubbish is over,” it reads.

“Some of these faraway comers among us we don’t know their real names, especially foreigners from Zimbabwe. They mainly call themselves aMazulu (Zulus). We know that River Park and Xt7 (Alexandra) is their territory,” continues the letter.

“LET them GO or stay to DIE. …… Enough is enough! Let them go and fix Zimbabwe as we did here in South Africa our country. Anyone who knows about somebody ohlal ‘endlini ka hulumende kodwa (who lives in a government house), put the details in writing and we shall surely act for the sake of our freedom. “…….. We are tired of Zimbabweans. No to Zimbabwean foreigners owning any RDP house, while SAs are still lacking. Every citizen must have the right to enter to search a foreigner’s house.”

Migrant Workers’ Association of South Africa national coordinator, Butholezwe Nyathi, who confirmed seeing the letter, advised Zimbabweans to remain alert.

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