Aid for what asks Zim Vigil

The British government’s donation of an extra $10 million for basic education for poor children in Zimbabwe came as Mugabe was being feted at a $1 million 90th birthday bash and his daughter’s wedding was being celebrated in equally lavish style – capped with entertainment by Congolese alleged rapist Koffi Olomide.

Both events were thronged by Zanu (PF) chefs engorged by corruption. They are said to have happily stumped up the money for the bachelor party at which Mugabe’s new son-in-law arrived in an opulent Rolls-Royce flaunting the number plate VVIP.

The MDC-T Shadow Minister for Basic Education Concilia Chinanzvavana put her finger on the problem when she said basic education is a right and Zanu (PF) should think of deprived children as the party’s officials loot and plunder national resources.

A report on SW Radio Africa says Britain’s latest gift to Zimbabwe means that, in all, the UK will have provided $650 million for Zimbabwe’s education, health, water and sanitation sectors from 2011 to 2015. Yet the UK gets no thanks – only abuse.

The Vigil advised the UK’s Department for International Development not to agree to this latest handout (however much we know the people need it) on the grounds that it just gives Zanu (PF) more room for looting. Our view is supported by comments on SW Radio Africa’s article posted on the Zimbabwe Situation website. Here are a few:

• apolitical says: They owe Zimbabwe millions more for the damage done to our economy through propaganda and economic sabotage funded by the local embassy. Its just peanuts.

• John Steele says: Apolitical, you buffoon! your Chink friends will never ever hand over free money, like the stupid Brit government has done.

• Mlimo says: Someone has to pay for mugabe’s 90th birthday party I can see the one million plus being stripped out already stupid British

• Harry says: Castigate these British bufoons louder and they will open their wallets more often. Far easier than being productive and paying taxes.

• and Evans says: It’s about time the British government woke up and stopped supporting Mugabe its a disgrace Mugabe and his cronies have caused the dire situation in Zimbabwe instead of making so many trips abroad he should use that funding to help educate the future leaders who hopefully will not follow in Mugabe’s footpath

• Gwabu says: the poor families who cannot afford fees for their children are the very same people who support Mugabe. this donations must be made clear that Mugabe has failed them and the british who Mugabe talks bad about all the time are the ones helping not the poor families but Mugabe so that he can preside over educated fools.

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