Communities work together towards building Peace and Tolerance

Heal Zimbabwe Trust facilitated community tolerance platforms in the form of community weeding ceremonies (nhimbes) in Murehwa and Mutoko in the week ending 14 March 2014. The community productive work drew people from different political, religious and social persuasions.

In Nyamashato, ward 2 Madamombe community, Murehwa North, close to 75 community members gathered at Heather Chimoga Orphan Care Centre, an Orphanage which takes care of close to 900 orphans of school going age in the area. Villagers took it upon themselves to help in general cleaning of the orphanage centre by weeding and cutting long grass as well as the Moringa tree project field run by the centre.

The Chief Executive Officer of the centre thanked HZT peace club members specifically the Madamombe dart club for organising the event which to him managed to bring people together from various political divide, a gesture that goes a long way in making sure the orphanage remain a clean and healthy environment. The participants made a commitment to reserve a day monthly to come and work at the centre in support of the initiative.

In Mutoko ward 8 a clear show of how communities working with Heal Zimbabwe have realised the need to give peace a chance, 3 nhimbes were held in ward 5 and the most peculiar one was held at Mafuta homestead where a family member lost his life due to politically motivated violence during the 2008 political violence. The family lost Tatenda Mafuta who died from gunshots wounds at the height of the 2008 violence.

Heal Zimbabwe helped the family hold a memorial service for Tatenda in 2010 and decided to have the community test their tolerance through interactive work. The level of tolerance that was exercised at the weeding platform is in sharp contrast with the tension and intolerant mode the family and the community were in when a memorial service was held back in 2010. Community members came in their numbers and showed no signs of intolerance.

The event also showed HZT how the Mafuta family has managed to go through a process of accepting the murder of Tatenda and hope for the best from current political processes as they showed knowledge of the existence of other mechanisms such as the NPRC and Human Rights Commission which they however said were not very sure of how they can access them. This builds up to HZT’s upcoming activities around independent commissions and will target such communities and inform them on how they make use of these noble constitutional provisions once they are operational.

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