Denmark concerned

Denmark is concerned with the plight of ordinary people in Zimbabwe and wants to normalise relations between the two countries, says Royal Danish Embassy Charge d’Affaires Erik Rasmussen.

Erik Rasmussen
Erik Rasmussen

Although there were still ‘bumpy’ issues that needed to be resolved regarding human rights issues, his country was ready to assist Zimbabweans, regardless of their political affiliation, he said. “We do not really care how people vote at elections. Our concern is whether there is democracy in a country and whether human rights as stipulated under international best practices are adhered to.”

Denmark closed its embassy offices in Harare in 2002 and reopened them in 2011 in protest against what he described as “gross violations of the people’s human rights”. He said Zimbabwe had the potential to grow and improve the lives of its citizens, but there was need for the government of the day to exhibit its willingness to come up with policies that lure investors. He urged the government to implement sensible policies that promoted investment.

Rasmussen revealed that his country would be the biggest donor in Zimbabwe this year, although he did not disclose the sum. “We will assist through the relevant government departments. We are committed to job creation, especially among the youths,” he said. “So far, we have invested over $30 million in the private sector and we have been targeting rural areas.”

Through the Danish International Development Agency, Denmark is financing various income generating initiatives countrywide by providing credit lines to farmers at affordable interest rates.

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