Gender commission takes shape

The women’s ministry is looking for qualified persons to sit on the Gender Commission.

Oppah Muchinguri
Oppah Muchinguri

“We are yet to advertise but the application process is now open to the public,” the minister, Oppah Muchinguri, told The Zimbabwean.

The nine-member Commission’s functions are to monitor gender-related issues and ensure gender equality as provided for by the law. Its duties include conducting research and recommending changes to laws and practices that lead to gender discrimination based on gender.

Padare/ Enkhundleni/ Men’s Forum on Gender, a movement of men and boys advocating for gender justice hailed the establishment of the Commission. “Considering that what we had through the Anti Domestic Violence Council was limited on how to address gender based violence, the appointment of Commissioners means the implementation of certain provisions that were otherwise out of reach under the ADVC,” said director Kelvin Hazangwi.

“GBV is fuelled by a lot of cultural, social and political inequalities. The Commission is a step in the right direction in addressing not only GBV but a host of other gender inequalities that exist in our society,” he added.

According to the Constitution, members of the gender commission must be chosen for their integrity, knowledge and understanding of gender issues in the social, cultural, economic and political spheres and the ‘genders must be equally represented on the Commission’.

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