Government and RENAMO agree list of observers

The Mozambican government has made further concessions to the former rebel movement Renamo, allowing observers from the United States and Europe to participate in the dialogue between the government and Renamo.

At a dialogue session on Friday the two delegatons agreed on the list of countries that would be invited to observe the discussions on a cessation of hostilities and the disarming of Renamo. Those countries are South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cape Verde, Botswana, Kenya, Portugal, Italy, Britain and the United States.

On Wednesday, the deputy head of the government delegation, Transport Minister Gabriel Muthisse, said that only observers from African countries should be invited. However, he was prepared to accept Renamo’s proposal that European and American observers should be invited, on condition that a cessastion of hostilities and disamament should be discussed simultaneously, and not one after the other as Renamo had insisted.

According to a report on Mozambique Television (TVM), the two delegations are now working separately on proposals for how the observers should work. At the next round of the dialogue, scheduled for Monday, the two sides should harmonise these procedures.

The head of the government delegation, Agriculture Minister Jose Pacheco, said there was now consensus about the commission of international observers who would observe “the cessation of military hostilities and the social reintegration of the Renamo men”.

“Very good steps” had been taken Pacheco claimed. He said the government expected it would take no more than three further meetings to close the terms of reference for the observation, and “move on to other points on the agenda”.

For his part, the head of the Renamo delegations, Saimone Macuiana, said the two sides will now request the governments of the countries on the list to send observers to Mozambique.

“We think that these countries are friends of Mozambique, and contribute greatly to our econmic and social life”, he said. “These countries know the reality of Mozambique”.

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