Residents at risk from power line

Residents living in former Kariba Dam construction camps are under serious threat from a Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority 330 KV power line which passes overhead.

Maxwell Chipepe: council is aware of the potential health risks.
Maxwell Chipepe: council is aware of the potential health risks.

The camps were only intended as temporary bachelor structures for builders of the wall are home to thousands of people. “For a long time we have been pleading with council to evacuate us from this area because we are staying under a dangerous high voltage power line. Each time we get in contact with either water or any metal object we experience electrical shocks. The vibration from the power line at times is also unbearable,” said Tendai Warikandwa, who stays at Umtali block.

Another resident, Charity Nyeveve said the Kariba Town Council had admitted that the area is unfit for human habitation. “They promised to relocate us to a safer place but nothing has happened. If the power line collapses one day, there will be a disaster here,” she said.

Communal ablution facilities at the camps are no longer functioning, with more than 100 people at one camp sharing two squatting holes and one single shower. The other holes are blocked and discharge raw sewage all over the toilets. Maxwell Chipepe, Kariba town Assistant Director of Housing and community said the council was aware of the potential health risks.

“We tried to allocate the occupants of those houses alternative accommodation but after a few months the houses were re-occupied. The best thing is to demolish the structures if in future we manage to secure a new place for the occupants,” said Chipepe.

Residential proximity to power lines is associated with risks of child leukemia and various cancers.

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