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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

How do you feel about the Chinese building a military base in our country?

It’s lovely-we had Portuguese & British, now it’s China’s turn @ConorMWalsh

Why? We do not need military bases, but Industries to cater for our Children coming out of Tertiary Institutions. – Rees Chitova

If ever US & China go to war, they can just use our Africa as a convenient battlefield. We must just be hospitable. – @ConorMWalsh

It is technically the ideal place for a China US war. Equidistant from both countries and the weather is OK too – @_Shumba_

Zimbabwe seems to not understand this freedom thing ..busy actin like e ukraine – @G9benderEnigma

I thought we were never going to be a colony again (Chinese military air base) – @Zimbird

Party’s fortunes won’t improve by simply erasing the T in MDC-T. Refocusing on what resonates with masses is king – @UberZimbo

China Zimbabwe’s new colonials :) – @leonvg

Why Zim at this point in time? I think China is trying to intensify its efforts on engaging Africa especially Zim on its efforts on “looting” resources to contest America’s long time market share enjoyment thru political muscle strengthening by building an air base – Irvine Mupfuri

Where is the threat to the country coming from? Second plunder of resources after 19th Century imperialism – @moyo_herbert

If reports are true then it is worrying.we need to prioritise the econ – @TitusGwemende

That is typical of neo-colonialism – Irvine Mupfuri

Why you ask? Simple answer – To move the “stock” out of the country very swiftly! China wont be having it hanging around. – Shaza Grainger

I can see Mnangagwa’s finger prints all over this plan. It’s just to protect the loot that they share with our army Generals and Mnangagwa. Shame, for selling out our heritage. – Sean Hono

Zimbabwe shall ever be a colony – Mudavanhu Marume

China is colonizing us slowly – King Lloyd Goshy

They want to loot diamonds smartly without disturbes they are clever – Philip Masisimani

Is there any benefit? Does it reduce povety which has stricken the mo than majority of Zimbaveans? -Edson D Dzimati

Edson D Dzimati
Edson D Dzimati

The Mugabes and Munangangwas are paranoid.They are thinking that there is someone who is going to fight them.The nation is in financial crisis, it has no money to pay civil servants but they are busy intesfying their security forces.There is a massive recruitment in the Airforce, there is a massive recruitment in the ZNA, there is a massive recruitment in the ZPS, there is a massive recruitment in ZRP and in the CIO.Surely this is a mental case, our leaders should go to cycatric unit – Kurauwone Chinyama

Zim is trying to bask behind China’s prowess. Its a way of outplaying the west countering the US-airbase in Bots – Thabani Dube

Colonial Rule season II……..the CHINIESE want the same thing the AMERICANS do……and thats our LAND…….whats happening now happened a few centuries ago wen the ndebele king chose the BRITISH over the BOERS……… in this case its the EAST over the WEST………..and we messing zimbabwe of the future just because of our selfish present………………#SADZIMBABWEAN – Takunda Nyamasvisva Pasipamire

The building of this new airbase was long overdue guys- a lot has been happening in the region – militarily. Besides the said air base- Zimbabwe needs a squadron new multi-role combat aircraft . – Cassius Sande

Yes to my point of view China want to take total control, blocking all other countries the western. Ths could be the comanding station as so far it conqures a number of African countries. May be Mr Mugabe to hs safety when he leaves the post.China is strengthening its colonisation. – Patrick Mugoto Ngwenya

Is it because [email protected] America has one in Botswana ? East vs West war in Africa ? This is really sad, what do we stand to benefit from all this ? Scramble for Africa part II.. Africa will never be free, stand on its own and make its own decisions.. Look @ the Uganda gay-fiasco. World banks blocks loan because Museveni banned homosexuality.. Directly or indirectly we’ll always be controlled by these people , whether its the East or West..Lord have mercy on our beloved continent !!!! – Murewa Tindo

100% bad to us,I tell u – Wilson Muchimba

Do you think the MDC is handling its succession debate effectively?

People are getting tired of MDC noise!! – @Mambokadzi

Mangoma must form his own party like Sikhala and Ncube if he feels he is very active. Morgan is more – Simba Leon Chivizhe

Pple should not view ZANU(PF) in light terms,its not a political party anymore but a sophisticated junta. And Tsvangirai remember won the 2008 elections & all of us were beaten & intimidated into submission in the stage managed re-run. A coup took place then, Mangoma & crew Tsvangirai included were found wanting on the way forward.The main thrust of the junta now is to remove the face of the struggle & thats Tsvangirai. Let us be careful – Bee Tee

The main objective is to remove Bob, so, as long as Morgan is stl opposition leader, no one shld jostle for his post, no leadership renewal is necessary except some few changes like relieving Mangoma of his duties. Mangoma is lacking discipline. – Joel Mutasa

Mangoma leave the party and form yo own – Ashton Mangarayi

Leadership renewal z gd bt who Mangoma thinx gonna fit Tsvangirai’s shoe for nw? wy Mangoma dont want to wait for congress, remember Tsvangirai ws choosen by congress nt by him, he must wait for ppl to speak rather than representing all pple. – Danweath Gwanya

The main objective is to unseat zanu and its leaders from power.not to fight Morgan Tsvangirai. if you against Morgan Tsvangirai leadership then you are automatically zanu pf. let’s unite and vote zanu out of power not the mangoma style – Numerous Mashv Manduku Chabata

Mangoma he try to destroy peoples Party if he want the big post he should form he’s own Party – Sam Man

What do you think needs to be done to get back to real farming?

Farming/farms need to be performance based not because you’re of a certain race or know someone – @QueenNosipho

Farmers must be given bankable title deeds to their farms, not this ungarranted 100yr lease agreement. Gvt must also respect property rights. – Gain Sibanda

Ngatipe mapadza makuru kuvarimi,simbe dzinovata nawo. – Danweath Gwanya

Where do you think the next generation of our leaders will come from?

Its not about which political party will give us good leaders but its about who that person is and whose interests they have at heart. The best leader is one who tackles our problems along national rather than partisan lines – Preacher Chemhere

Reason partisan politics come to play is because of the President himself who cannot seperate his party from State business. Though one is bound to have a bias towards his party the President is there for everyone when in office & electioneering has limits. The senior gvt appointments in Zim are a total shame & so unprofessional. Its a patronage system. We need leaders who can rise above party politics. – Bee Tee

This gvt deliberately corrupted the police, army, judiciary, registrar general & other state institutions to garranty itself unlimited power. All state institutions are now state hostages,coz their independence were compromised. -Gain Sibanda

They will come from within … Heros that have confronted their demons and are no longer worried about what other people think of them. They will be loyal, compassionate and trustworthy. Only that now it is so hard for them to shine … Look around you because in each one of us that hero we are looking for so wants to shine. It could be me or it could be you :))) We are all ready for change the question here is who has the courage to shine and are we ready to protect that which will free us all. Be brave, be bold and allow for all Zimbabweans to shine because from that ‘uncommon thinking’ the phoenix will rise. Bless u all xxx – Samm Sammstones

The corrupt people are very organised and have dormains to protect. The influential heads and their secretaries are corrupt to the marrow. On paper and verbal they hate it. In practice they make, protect and promote corruption. The corrupt are so big that you can not expose them without putting your life in danger. The whole system is corrupt. Have you ever been to the GADAS in Epworth to compare against Mansions in Gunhill and or Borrowdale. How did people make so much when some made so little. Why then ask who is corrupt? Investgate then answer me. What do you say about Executive salaries and allowances. Which is worse corruption or robery. – Moyo Bhowasi

The bigest challenge we face is that we hav no role models.the young leaders are learning frm the old corrupt guys and they blend in very fast.we nid an ideological revolution – Percy Maramba

“At his lavish birthday party, Mugabe was showered with gifts and praise from people… the sorry plight of his countrymen is bottom of his priorities.” Jera.

Thats culticism paying homages to their life president nomatter his health or condition.They are now manipulating his old age&clearly the old man is out of touch with realities on the ground. – Bee Tee

We need to pray for zimbabwe .right nw we do not hav leaders with integrity both in the ruling and the opposition parties.thr is a spirit behind wat is happening in our country. – Percy maramba

his is a full description of the birthday party Robert Mugabe,President of Zimbabwe,gave himself – Angela Botha

marombe munonetsa musati kana imi musina chekudya tese ngatisadye.be realistic Journo kumba kwako nhasi wadya nei ko isu vamwe tadya nei kana dai uri too caring nei wadya ukarasa zvawa siya .musadanhire zviri mhiri imi simba racho musina. – Willard Hokoza

Over 300,000 underprivileged children need education assistance under the bankrupt BEAM project. But still, Mugabe manages to find 10,000 people to cheer him on.” Jera.

Thts ryt Jera, uncle Bob is concerned abt himself only. No wonder y his lieutenants r looting coz all the attention is to himself only, nothing else. – Joel Mutasa

Dzinonzi politico, ndedzekubatana fungwa nekuteyerana mariva – Irvine Mupfuri

Massive corruption unearthed…

Its a tip of iceberg, zps, zrp, Army, GMB, ZBC, to mention a few are all corrupt,bt to dissolve board of Directors z also meaningless. – Danweath Gwanya

The only way this country is ever going to eradicate greed and corruption is by reinstating public flogging and capital punishment (death penalty). – Antonia Amyot

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