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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Should recipients of resettlement land be allowed to re-sell it?

I think it’s not a smart move for you as an individual to buy land that was taken from somne else – @AfroHolic_Kingz

No – @BelieveCitizen

At some point the land will change hands. I missed out on the agrarian reform. How else will I acquire land? – @UberZimbo

It rubs salt in the wounds of the white farmers the land truly belongs to, but could it help to solve Zim’s hunger problems? – @MCFNottingham

But who would buy? Now Zim has shown that title is not supported by law. – @bryan_a_mackenz

Cephas Msipa, had subdivided his 400-hectare property into residential stands and was selling them for $15,000 each. How can they sell since they do not own titles to the land? – @lykmoor

Do u need a paper to sell your inheritance – @dalindebele

Never! It will just end up in the hands of multinationals and rhodies – @jpmatenga

Land reform is a failure. Not thought through. Worse off & back to square 1. Many resettled can’t farm and need to sell. Can’t as introduces free mkt but land not for everyone. – @RebuildZimbabwe

Do you think the CIO knows what has been happening to the income from the diamond mines?

aaah ko Mugabe anonzwa nenhemazve,team racho rinonyepa kwete zvekutamba – Mistead Hwandu

Do you think Tsvangirai was behind the attack on Mangoma?

In “polotiks” anything is possible, Tsvangirai personally threw Mangoma to the wolves, friendly fire it was. – @sheltonbiz85

Tsvangirai is capable of doing anything, he can marry in a week and divorce, Welshman Ncube, Trudy Stevenson, Job Sikhala have all been victims nothing surprising from Tsvangirai, diplomas of violence since Mugabe has degrees – Duran Rapozo

What may have more impact on Zimbabwe isn’t the truth itself, but the people’s perception of the truth. – Mary Solorzano

Mangoma was a fool to think that MDC-T loyalists believe in people like him. In fact, they only believe in Tsvangirai. To them there is no MDC-T without Morgan Tsvangirai – and that’s a fact. Any other MDC, but not MDC-T. – Laiton Mkandawire

Absolutely NO! – Peter Masanga

No I don’t agree with that former Prime Minister he cant do such thing like this. – Sam Man

YES. The MDC-T leader should tell the nation & the world at large why those who demand leadership renewal openly are harassed, beaten up & called names. Mr MDC-T president being advised by your party cadres who stood by you through thick and thin to step down is not a coup. They have the party at heart. Its not about congresses Mr MDC-T president but they are urgent issues & matters that can be addressed outside congress. The reason why you need congress is ample time to recruit your militia that you will unleash to your opponents. It seems you never learn sir. What happened in 2005 split and who was behind the attack of people like Gertrude Stevenson and Welshman Ncube. – Stanley Moyo

Do you think Mugabe is serious about stopping corruption?

Corruption is now a Government policy. – Bee Tee

Interesting that Zimbabwe’s looter in chief has the temerity to accuse others of corruption and sack an entire. When will the diamond thief himself resign, be sacked or arrested for corruption? – Gabriel Gidi

Gabriel Gidi
Gabriel Gidi

Do you think Tsvangirai should resign?

To me it does not make any difference – @Mio_zw

Resigning or not #Tsvangirai ‘s time is up – @sheltonbiz85

Tsvangirai and Arsene Wenger are the same. They never learn from their mistakes – @SirGundani

Culture of politicians resigning seems foreign & impossible – @Mambokadzi

Hell no! Whoever wants him out should wait 4 congress. How d u want 1 so popular to resign? Faults he has but who hasn’t? – @MDewah

Why should he resign? It will be like committing suicide. Why should Tsvangirai kill himself? – Mashonaland Dickmarsh

Yes he should resign. His handling of the Mangoma crisis has proved that. Insteady of allowing debate on the issue, he sends Chamisa and others Femai included to raise people’s emotions against critics. – Moyo Bhowasi

I think the machine called Zanu PF which he was fighting is very strong, dangerous and very tactical so it tortured him, destroyed his social life and confused him until he is nw appearing a stupid in the eyes of the pple. So a new leader should be groomd and he should resign with diginity – Kurauwone Chinyama

NO. NO. NO. WHY? He suffered a lot and let him rule Zimbabwe once. – Mandlag Mbho

Unfortunately he was too naive and Bob made a fool of him in the last elections. He was warned NOT to trust Mugabe but he chose to ignore these warnings. He had the right ideas but wasn’t strong enough. – Jeanette Bergoff Snr

What do you think can be done to prevent another xenophobic attack in South Africa?

Yes we are. We partnered with other organisations to ensure that pro-active masures are taken in preventing the further attacks – @Migrantworkers

Yes! In a Democracy like South Africa Human Rights abuse is a serious crime! Why are they getting away with this? – @PaulPaulus13

Are you concerned about renewed threats of xenophobia in South Africa?

Munopondaniranei munowanei pazviri ivai nerudo pakati penyu and make this world habitable be good – Dalom Chapungu

Tiri vekuno hakuna kwatinoenda,,, we ar zimsouth africans,,,,,, aaaah zvirinani tidzinge ivi vaende kuzim kwacho tione kuti vanobvuma here – Darlington Ndlovu

Every weapon formed against me shall not prosper – Washington Muchoko

They think we’ll just sit back and relax,watch our fellow countrymen being attacked? NEVER!!!! – Samuel Stix Dube

Would you be happy to contribute to Mugabe’s 90th birthday celebrations? If not, why not?

Mugabe parties while foreigners have to feed his people – @Alexweir1949

Please please, do tell what how this birthday is going to change our lives? – @QueenNosipho

Absolutely not!! This is unacceptable!! – Mary Ashington McDiarmid Foulis

What? Contribute to him and his party eating themselves sick when his people are starving to death? Who in their right mind would do this willingly. Most people want him dead! Why does the world stand by and allow this to happen????? – Lyn Myers

This intimidation has been going on for years. When will someone do something to stop it? – Cynthia Ross

I would like to contribute a life sentence in jail for his terrible treatment of his own countrymen. – Debra Frost

Big no! I wldnt b happy to contribute for someone who has destroyed our Zimbabwe. – Joel Mutasa

How would you advise Teenage girl to deal with her stepfather?

Avoid yr stepfather and talk 2 yr mum or 1 of yr relatives so that u will b comfortable and he has 2 take u like his own daughter. – Vanessa Tatenda

mmmm if your mom is crazy in love with him it might cloud her judgement and she might end up thinking it is you who is the problem, my advise is you should ask her as question first and see how she reacts, from that reaction you can best see how to present your story. Good luck – Benard Gambe

ask yo mum to send you to boarding xul if its possible then on holidays you cn visit yo relatives if yu go dem n abt yo mum yu cn visit her on weekends wen she around.pliz try dat? – Munyaradzi Lavu Chagomoka

record him on a phone and play it for your mama! – Agatha Chiseya

Be careful abt him he can harm u – Moses Madamombe

Drop some fliers on child sexual abuse where your mother can see them. Now you uncomfortable around him make sure there is always someone whenever he is around or you with him. – Robinson Chikowero

You are doing what you should do. Avoid him. – Bee Mundy-Castle

Be careful my sister – Vengai Chinoingira

He is not your father and he doesn’t care for you. Be careful he is dangerous and can do anything . Try hard to keep away from him. – Martin Maririmba

Tell your mother right away without any further delay. – Joel Mutasa

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