Mliswa threatens to spill the beans

The Zanu (PF) Member of Parliament for Hurungwe West and party Mashonaland West Provincial Chairperson, Temba Mliswa, says he would name and shame parliamentarians bribed by Conrad “Billy” Rautenbach to suppress debate about shoddy deals.

Temba Mliswa: I am aware of how i am endanger with my anti-corruption rhetoric but i do not mind
Temba Mliswa: I am aware of how i am endanger with my anti-corruption rhetoric but i do not mind

Mliswa who is accused of extorting money from businessman, Rautenbach, told journalists in Harare Tuesday that: “Rautenbach bribed some parliamentarians to stifle parliamentary committee investigations into the ‘white man’ (Rautenbach)’s shoddy business deals.”

Mliswa said Rautenbach would use his financial muscle to silence government on his non-compliance with the country’s indigenisation policy and siphoning of national resources.

The Zanu (PF) lawmaker expressed concern at what he described as ‘some public media houses and government officials siding with a single white man owning the largest piece of land.

“I know of Members of Parliament who received some khaki envelops from Rautenbach to suppress parliamentary probes into the dishonest whiteman’s deals,” said Mliswa.

Mliswa accused Rautenbach of speculating on the country’s natural resources and siphoning proceeds at the expense of Zimbabweans.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting services, Jonathan Moyo, was accused of using his office to ‘further party factional fights’ and discredit innocent politicians.

“It is public knowledge that Minister Jonathan Moyo was said belonged to the Mnangagwa faction while I work with the faction that was elected at congress,” said Mliswa, vowing to expose corruption since ‘i have the mandate to do so as a legislator’.

He said the public media was being used to silence his anti-corruption rhetoric in parliament.

Mliswa said he terminated business ties with Rautenbach after realising that the ‘white partner was a crook’.

He said Rautenbach failed to honour an Unki Mine deal which would have seen him (Mliswa) benefiting a 10 percent shareholding in the $600 million project.

“Another agreement at Chisumbanje Ethanol Project collapsed due to Rautenbach’s dishonestness”.

According to Mliswa, he was approached by Rautenbach to do consultancy services and went on to agree on 10 percent shareholding, since the legislator did not come cheap.

Rautenbach was also accused by Mliswa of running a mafia in the DRC and abusing Zimbabwe soldiers in the process, when Emmerson Mnangagwa was minister of defence.

In response to the allegations, Rautenbach described Mliswa as an extortionist who tried to fleece him.

Rautenbach is on record as saying: “Mliswa approached us in the capacity of an investment consultant, but when we realised that he was not sincere in his approach to business and had extortionist tendencies, we immediately cut ties with him and all communications in this regard were to be done through our lawyers.”

Mliswa said he would engage the Minister of Mines in parliament this week in this regard.

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