Mozambican suspects in attack on Macia police command arrested

The Mozambican police have arrested four people in Macia, in the southern province of Gaza, accused of involvement in an attack on the Macia district police command on 21 March.

According to the Gaza provincial police spokesperson, Jeremias Langa, cited in Tuesday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”, two heavily armed individuals, wearing masks, raided the police command, and overcame the policemen on duty. They stole police equipment, including an unspecified number of firearms.

Subsequent investigations led to the arrest of the two men and of two others believed to be their accomplices. Langa did not name the suspects.

He said some of the equipment stolen from the Macia command had been recovered, including two AK-47 assault rifles, each with an ammunition clip containing 30 bullets, two pairs of handcuffs and a computer.

Other material seized, apparently not stolen from the police command, included a pistol, a shotgun, a black beret belonging to the Mozambican Armed Forces (FADM), a set of tractor keys, and documents for a Toyota Hiace vehicle.

“The police are continuing their investigations to find whether anyone else is involved in this crime”, said Langa. “Only the experts on the ground can explain what really happened and whether there was any complicity which allowed the attack to happen”.

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