100 a day arrested at Beitbridge

More than 100 people a day are crossing illegally into South Africa as the Department of Immigration battles to police the Limpopo River border.

Assistant regional immigration officer at Beitbridge, Notius Tarisai, said at least 100 people were being arrested daily after trying to cross the border illegally. “Due to shortage of manpower we cannot man all the illegal entry points,” he said. “The figure is far more than that because some people manage to cross without being detected.”

The border line from Beitbridge stretches for over 300 kilometres, making it difficult for the department of immigration to man all illegal entry points.

Long queues are a common feature at the registrar general’s offices as thousands of Zimbabweans try to get travel documents to escape the economic meltdown. Most of those crossing the border illegally are young people who have failed to secure employment locally.

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