Charamba admits economy is shrinking

A senior official has contradicted claims by most Zanu (PF) ministers that the economy is flourishing thanks to Zim-Asset.

George Charamba.
George Charamba.

President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba, delivered a public lecture at Midlands State University last weekend at which he admitted the economy was shrinking.

Charamba, who is also a long-time Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, pointed out that the bad state of the economy was one of the reasons why government had not been enthusiastic about opening up the airwaves, despite continued calls by several players.

“Let me be very honest with you, although I know the consequences of being honest. The climate in Zimbabwe is one where people are thinking the state continues to restrict the airwaves. But remember, we do not allow foreign funding for radio stations wishing to operate in the country. So how do you then reconcile the need to liberalise (the airwaves) in circumstances where the economy itself is shrinking?” he said, adding that it would not make sense to license TV and radio stations when they will be doomed to collapse.

“Before they have even been born, they will be dead. You see,” said Charamba.

Despite mounting evidence that the government is broke, with payment of civil servant salaries being frequently postponed, President Robert Mugabe and his cronies have insisted that everything is fine. Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti is on record saying the nation is sliding back to the pre-2008 era when inflation skyrocketed to unprecedented levels while the ordinary person failed to put food on the table or meet basic needs.

Ministries and line departments are yet to be paid in full what they were promised by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa when he unveiled the 2014 budget, while parliamentarians have not been paid their allowances.

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