Council employs 580 youths

The City Council has engaged 580 youths in a community based clean-up programme in a bid to ease youth unemployment.

Ward 14 Councillor, Macdonald Chunga.
Ward 14 Councillor, Macdonald Chunga.

The programme is ward based and each of the 29 wards will receive $10,000 to employ 20 youths between now and December 2014.

Ward 4 Councillor, Silas Chigora, said councillors had championed the programme in order to ease unemployment in the city and involve communities in clean-up programmes so that they fully appreciate how to clean their environment and keep it clean.

Chigora said the youths would get 40-day contracts to de-clog drainage systems and cut grass along driveways and open spaces. They would earn $500 per contract.

“We would have loved to extend the programme to cover road maintenance but lack of resources is the limiting factor,” he added.

Ward 14 Councillor Macdonald Chunga said the programme would reach his ward in May. “The youths have already been identified for the work. The selection process was simple as we were targeting unemployed boys and girls in to do the work. The campaign also includes planting of trees, removal of eroded sand from roads and water-runways as well as other environmental cleanliness,” he said.

The city’s drainage system is heavily clogged with sand, litter, leaves and other solid waste, leading to flooding of the roads during the rainy season. The tall grass along the roads has led to numerous accidents, with school children being most victims.

“We welcome the programme and only hope council will go on to give us substantive employment. With unemployment at over 80 percent, we are grateful for the opportunity to work for our own money,” said Sinikiwe Moyo from Ward 5. She plans to use her $500 to start a poultry project.

“My prayers have been answered. In fact this is my Easter present. I always wanted to start a poultry project but capital was the barrier. I will start with 100 broilers which require an input of about $500,” she said.

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