Do you think Biti and his team should form a new political part? Would you support it?

both biti & welshman say tsvangirai is no different from mugabe,dictatorial & undemocratic. let m tel both 'academics-turned-politicians:a leader shld have two sides,likeable 1, dictatorial/undemocratic wonder both mugabe & tsvangirai boast of massive support n their own right.'mbiti & werish's' leader only xists in their imaginations,such a leader doesnt xist!they study simba makoni's position on grand coalition. - Ráymond M&a

Percy Maramba
Percy Maramba

To gain support in anything .. U gotta walk your talk. When you are actually doing the things that u talk about changing is when u will turn heads and get support. get out there and show them who u really are and then stick to it and make positive change … Always a dreamer x – Samm Sammstones

Wanachi, okay when Biti was the F.M our economy was better and he is not a person who is hungry for power like asingade kubva pachigaro. as a lawyer he also understands ma rights evanhu and if he does the campaigning now ratha that later i mean the impossible will be possible..i think the coming election he will have 30+ seats in the Parliament.. its all about the ideology and action of the opposition and obviously the supporters (which are rising everyday)…#TeamBiti – Brian Chidzomba

He is not in touch with the is the ordinary people who vote and not the interlectuals.the majority of the educated are armchair critics, they dont have time to vote .learn from zanu pf ,they know how to play their cards and their timing is always spot on .like them or hate them its a fact.if the other parties dont learn from zanu pf they will always be second best – Percy Maramba

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