Do you think we should abandon elections because Zanu (PF) always rigs them?

Unity, Unity, Unity...... let us work on that first. you can't win elections without oneness. - Mehleli Ndlovu

Brian Chidzomba
Brian Chidzomba

We must not abandon elections.I think if most of us take it serious.Especial those outside the country register and go home to vote.Their vote wil make a difference even if there is rigging. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

No, lets continue voting even under unconducive environment , one day Zanu wl b history & Tsvangirai wl rule. – Joel Mutasa

We must not abandorn but we must fight until we get victory in our hands as long as we are united – Pretty Pretty

no we cant abandon them because it wont be democracy i mean these guys will give themselves power…what we can do is to make sure that they are "FREE and FAIR" by getting better eyes when the process of election is taking place, people voting in there polls not kuti munhu anotorwa kumusha avotera kuhwange and also knowing the figures of people voting in certain areas..adding on SADC we then include UNSC. – Brian Chidzomba

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