Go back to basics: Holland tells MDC warring factions

MDC-T chairperson of the party's Guardian Council, Sekai Holland says she presented a doctored statement after the two day meeting where the elders of the party discussed issues affecting the MDC in order to protect members of the Guardian's Council.

Sekai Holland
Sekai Holland

Holland said she was forced to present a fake statement until members of the Guardian's Council were safe from harm but would not disclose who intended to harm them.

“The environment was not conducive and as an elder within the party, I had to present a fake statement until members of the council were out of harm’s way,” she said.

She said the true position of the council was that it was concerned with the escalating internal fights within the party.

She said deliberations at the two day meeting held in the capital, Harare last week maintained the Council's position that the different warring factions should resolve their differences and join hands in their quest for democracy.

“The party is one and what we are saying is that the different factions should go back to basics and adhere to the principal foundations of the party,” she said.

Holland said the council of elders in the party was tired of the MDC splits where individual politicians sacrificed the interests of the masses for their own personal grandisement.

“They (party leaders) are not considerate of the grassroots supporters and we are tired of these splits. We will not achieve our goal if we continue splitting,” said the former co- minister of National Healing.

Holland said the council remained committed to bringing the two warring parties together.

She said during their last meeting, the Guardian's Council had agreed that in spite of these tragic events emanating from the party’s National Standing Committee leaders, the MDC remained one party and the people' s project.

“The council stands as one united party which now calls on all members to adhere to our MDC principles and values as clearly stated in our Constitution. Some of our values include that the party is against all forms of violence, that the MDC values democracy and that its leadership should be accountable to the people,” read a statement by Holland.

She said the deep and dangerous internal divisions had separated the MDC from its values and from the focus of its work which include carrying out the democratic liberation, empowerment and transformation of Zimbabwe and completing the unfinished business of the national liberation struggle.

“In clear violation of our Constitution, the National Standing Committee has formed factions that are splitting the MDC down to the grassroots where party structures are openly fighting and injuring one another. Families, communities and the nation are all being affected, as well as external friends of Zimbabwe,” read the statement.

She said the factions were acting unconstitutionally by claiming to have suspended each other.

“These factions are creating confusion and instability in the party,” she said, adding that prospects of a strong and viable opposition were being destroyed, ensuring the corrupt and authoritarian rule of Zanu (PF) for many more years to come.

However, party spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora said the statement presented by Holland was false arguing that the true Guardian’s Council position disassociated the council of elders from the meeting held at Mandel in Harare, where party Secretary, Tendai Biti suspended party leader Morgan Tsvangirai as party president last month.

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