Institutions of state lack direction says Dabengwa

Zimbabwe’s state institutions need re-orientation as they lack direction, says Zapu President Dumiso Dabengwa.

Gorden Moyo
Gorden Moyo

He said strengthening the institutions, as had been proposed in some circles, would be detrimental as oppressive regimes strived on strong state institutions to safe-guard the authoritarian status quo.

The former Minister for Home Affairs said in an exclusive interview that during his term of office he saw the need to transform the Zimbabwe Republic Police Force into a police service.

“I also realised the need to re-orientate the Registrar General’s office and the Immigration Department into people-centred institutions,” said Dabengwa. He noted that the re-orientation would meet resistance from partisan officials who think they owe their employment to the Head of State who appointed them.

He paid tribute to the civil service inherited by government from the Smith regime at independence in 1980, which he described as non-partisan.

Today most state institutions are accused of being led by military and partisan officials serving only the political interests of the ruling party. Former GNU Minister of State Enterprises, Gorden Moyo, said parastatals and other government institutions had been militarised and politicised so that they would continue to bankroll Zanu (PF).

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