Political Violence Reverses Gains

The violent clashes between the Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) and ZANU PF supporters in Epworth on Sunday, 04 May 2014 is a cause for concern to all peace loving Zimbabweans.

The country, since the days of the GNU has made significant progress towards relative peace but the upsurge of political violence reverses such gains.

The accusations and counter accusations between the 2 political parties on who is responsible for the violence goes on to show that some political activists in Zimbabwe still believe in the use of violence as a tool for settling political differences. Heal Zimbabwe notes with concern and condemns all forms of political violence such as the unfortunate Epworth incident.

Reports from Epworth indicate that several people were injured during the skirmishes and some are still hospitalised, politicians are therefore reminded to respect the sanctity of life and learn to solve their differences in a peaceful amicable manner.

Heal Zimbabwe urges members of the police to approach the Epworth case in an impartial manner and arrest all those responsible for the violence regardless of political affiliation. Political violence can never solve the enormous challenges the country is facing.

Political parties should concentrate on working together in Parliament and any other platforms and bodies to find long lasting solutions to the unemployment crisis, corruption and liquidity challenges the country is currently facing.

HZT reiterates the need for all peace loving citizens across political divide to desist from any form of violence against their political opponents. Cases such as the Epworth violent clashes points to the urgency required in putting in place institutions such as Independent Commissions that support democracy and hence the Organization encourages Zimbabweans to take part in the current call for nominations for persons to serve on Independent Commissions as required by the Constitution.

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