SA’s new migration laws rapped

A migration consultant has rapped South Africa’s proposed new migration law, describing it as inconsistent and unconstitutional.

The new law, which was expected to come into effect with President Jacob Zuma’s first day in office for his second term on Monday, will hit Zimbabweans hard as they continue to cross the border, mainly in search of work. It is also likely to affect the estimated three million already living in SA.

“Not enough time was provided for public comment and not enough planning seems to have gone into training Home Affairs’ officials and preparing the public for these changes,” said Initiate Immigration.

The organisation accused the DHA of implementing the new law without sufficient notice. “It has been virtually impossible to prepare clients and their visa applications in terms of the new laws. This is made more difficult by the fact that some structures proposed in the new regulations have not been made public.

“The new critical skills list, for example, has not been published, the new requirement from the Department of Labour for General Work Visas have not been made clear, new investment amounts for Business Visas or Retired Visas have not been communicated to the public and Corporate Visa requirements remain counter-intuitive,” it said.

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