Teachers accuse government of sabotage

The government, currently battling to pay civil servants on time, is reportedly failing to remit subscriptions to unions such as the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe.

Takavafira Zhou
Takavafira Zhou

Takavafira Zhou, the PTUZ president, claimed that government stopped remitting union funds to the organisation two months ago, raising fears that the situation might worsen as the current economic problems continue to be severely felt.

Zhou accused the government of playing games in an effort to cripple operations of the unions in the country. “Government has not remitted the subscriptions for the past two months despite the fact that all members are making contributions every month,” he said. Money towards the unions is deducted by the Salary Service Bureau every month.

“We see this as a deliberate attempt to weaken our operations. Failure to get the subscriptions means we will not be able to carry out operations and this might result in members stopping to pay and by so doing the government will have achieved its objective,” claimed Zhou. The issue has been taken to the Apex Council, the highest decision making board for the entire civil servants.

Zhou also accused government of facilitating the formation of several splinter unions to confuse members. He was referring to organisation like the Professional Teachers Union of Zimbabwe and the Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe among others which have been recently formed.

There have been unconfirmed reports that the government is mooting the idea of not paying teachers when on holiday. Recently, it emerged that government was not remitting millions of dollars it was supposed to pay to the Premier Service Medical Aid Society.

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