Tsvangirai sneaked out of Trauma Centre for security reasons: Mwonzora

MDC-T President and former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, sneaked out of the Avondale Trauma Centre yesterday for security reasons, not because he had no money to offset the hospital bill, said MDC-T spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora.


There were reports in the media that Tsvangirai sneaked out of the medical institution to avoid paying $2, 600 hospital fees which he could not raise.

Mwonzora said the state media, Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives, Zanu (PF) and military personnel camped at the Trauma Centre were angry that they were dribbled by Tsvangirai’s security staff, and influenced the hospital to make a police report.

“Tsvangirai’s security personnel initiated the sneaking away since the former Tsvangirai’s life could have been endangered by CIO, military and other Zanu (PF) sympathisers milling about the health centre,” Mwonzora told The Zimbabwean.

Mwonzora said the CIO, in cahoots with some staff at the centre, brought hordes of journalists when Tsvangirai was expected to leave.

Mwonzora said Tsvangirai’s medical bills are settled by the party and an arrangement was made with the centre to be paid later.

He said, as a party, MDC-T could not understand how the police got involved in a hospital issue.

“I wonder how many women would be arrested for non-payment of hospital maternity bills,” Mwonzora said, naming a former Zanu (PF) legislator ‘with interests’ at the centre for championing the embarrassment.

According to Mwonzora, MDC-T was appalled by the attitude of some staff members at the trauma centre who made the institution unsafe for some of its patients.

Mwonzora took a swipe at journalists who ‘stoop so low and allow themselves to be used by some political forces’, referring to media reports that Tsvangirai had fled the medical centre without settling his bill.

Tsvangirai, according to Mwonzora, was now fit and back at work.

A police officer at Avondale Police who said had no authority to speak to the media, confirmed a report was made against Tsvangirai by the Trauma Centre, but was later withdrawn after the bill was settled.

Tsvangirai is reportedly battling a bout of flu due to the weather.

He recently missed two party rallies raising speculation that Mugabe's main political rival was terminally ill.

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