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More and more Zimbabweans, both at home and all over the world, are using social media to communicate. The Zimbabwean is committed to helping Zimbabweans everywhere to claim and access their right to give and receive information. So every week we stimulate debate on a number of issues affecting us. These are your responses in this week’s issue:

Mehluli Mambazo
Mehluli Mambazo

Do you think Mugabe will step down before 2018? Who do you think he will choose as his successor?

During Robert Mugabe’s tenure,our country experienced crony capitalism, nepotism & corruption.These heinous criminal acts retards economic growth& development.I can’t stress enough the extent to which we condemn this form of misconduct by Mugabe &his cronies.Such misdemeanors should be tolerated & should stop with immediately effect. Again, I strngly reiterate the country should condemn the plundering of mineral resources is a crime&the perpetrators should be brought to book or face the dire consequences once they are caught.Mugabe would not live forever to protect them from prosecution.It is imperative that they came clear before Mugabe retires from public office..Theft is a criminal act.Stealing from the public coffers is a crime. – Kenneth Baloyi

Its a blessing to reach old age.may God grant him more years. – Thulani Dhewa

Mugabe achembera he must go and stay KwaZVIMBA uko andogocha mhandire achiitira vazukuru ngano.He is not doing anything in this country his is messing up everything.He ruined the economy of our country with his aggressive foreign policy towards the west.He caused suffering and pain to his people.AND for his successor we don’t want anyone from ZANU PF becoz makudo ndemamwe ose ane mahobi.For Zimbabwe to be a better place we don’t want to be ruled with criminals from ZANU PF.Those people from ZANU should go to prison or to cycatric unit. – Kurauwone Chinyama

Why not NOW!!!!! – Mathews Zhomwa

I would be happy if he grooms a successors before he steps down. – Enock Kwinika

Shame the poor guy is getting really old – Tendai Horogoda Mugwagwa

The old man of Zvimba must pass the button now,for him to be stress free..Joice Mujuru mighty be the suitable candidate for the post,only waiting for the green robot. – Danweath Gwanya

Yes,I believe Mugabe will retire before the 2018. He is very old & frail. Nowadays,he doesn’t ooze confidence like he used three decades ago.His deputy president Joyce mujuru should succeed him. She is capable, able &r eady to rule Zimbabwe. – Kenneth Baloyi

Please leave the young man to do his job! ;-) Who do you think #Mugabe will choose as his successor? – @ConorMWalsh

Er hmm I thought this was a democracy not an episode of Dynasty. – @SueNyathi

he can choose whoever he wants, we’ll vote for who we want. lol – @tendotapiwac

We’ll vote – he’ll rule… – @ConorMWalsh

The only thing he can do is to get a safest successor. His son is most likely. – @SobhaStephen

A dictator dies on the throne or he is overthrown. – @lykmoor

I think he will hang on for as long as he can – his ideal is die in office. Then the scrap will begin – @DavidColtart

whilst Mujuru may be front runner there is to much political manuvering and backstabbing to go before the next election – @MCFNottingham

What do you think will happen to the Presidential Herd now that Sharon is leaving?

They will become victims of they horns so we won’t huv any elephants n ZIM shame ZIM shame – Mehluli Mambazo

Who will be the elephants’ voice? – @DebbieMcFee

I wish it wasn’t the case, but it would seem their days are numbered. Yet another hallmark of misrule. – @Cde_Mugabe

Not good news – so sorry it came to this. – @rosewill747

I am horrified to think of what may happen to the Presidential Herd! Horrified!! – @DebbieMcFee

What do you think should be done about Chinese miners who destroy the environment?

Chinese…the one giving permission must be killed – Fumai Martin

Well theres only one way in, so first you have to fix that problem,, long term problem as it is – Bec Stolze

Zimbabwe will never be a colony again! Lol! – Andrew T Garanewako

Chinese should be sent back to their native land. We need our intact environement. – @CornwellNcube

They should get heavy fines or ban their operations. – @NdueKhumalo

Why only focus on Chinese miners when almost all miners are distorting the environment – @Gr8Zimbabwe

They should be heavily penalized but the problem is that they have the blessings of the regime. – @lykmoor

Do you think Jonathan Moyo’s speech about Zifa applies to Zanu (PF)?

That’s true.Robert Mugabe is out of touch with reality.He has run out of ideas.In fact,he is mental confused.Age has caught with him.Hence he has lost some of his senses. – Kenneth Baloyi

This old man his lost his senses age is not on ur side mugabe malaysia won’t do anything about it – Mehluli Mambazo

If the shoe fits… – @lukeroyes

‘…administration characterised by breathtaking chaos, incompetence & corruption with no precedence since our independence’ – @ConorMWalsh

Haha it’s well know I respect our “de facto Prime Minister”. I have never quite worked out whose side he is really on- we’ll see – @ConorMWalsh

Do you think the church is right to forbid kissing and cuddling?

Pfambi hadzidiwi mukereke tsvene yamwari unotitadzisa kuropafadzwa nokuchemedza mweya mukereke dzokera kuchechi kwawaive where they compromise the word – Tafadzwa Phiri

I dont advice you to go to a place of worship half heatedly. – William Chitemerere

You dn’t like da church!,so dn’t go ther.i think you are old enafu to choose wat you want,you are going there to pliz your parents but da heavenly one isn’t.make up your mind & do wat is right for you ‘ll be judged alone.as for you & your boyfrnd hv a talk & iron out da obstacles.i’m nt going to say marriage dis marriage dat.you knw wat you wnt in your life. – Wilmore Sibalwa

U are right, cuddling and kissing its forbiden b4 God if its out of marriage – Irvine Mupfuri

Its all up to u whom do u love yo man or church if u prefair churh then get the man in that church – Sindiso Sibanda

I think kissing and cuddling may lead to sex, after feelings are kindled, whch is immorality. 2. Your behaviour is of great importance before God. So let not anyone judge for you what is right. 3 . Your boyfriend has proved something, if u cnt satisfy his sexual desires he cant marry u. – Jacob Chifire

How has the revaluation of the dollar to the rand affected you?

Does Zim have any GDP that’s will help sustaining the reintroduction of the Z$, there is a lot to fix here than these talks – Setfree Shonhai

MDC: Party-leader suspension

Even at the edge of 99 years Tsvangirai will still get more support than these bunch of losers he suffered more than any one else for his beloved country.Who are these crazy people.Tsvangirai is our Mandela. Hands off. – Kusasa Dzovani

That will be the end of the opposition party in zmbabwe we are back to one party state – Kusasa Dzovani

We no longer have the strong opposition to challenge Zanu.There will be another party splitting again.We are now seen as a joke.But no matter what we are behind Tsvangirai. – Ndumiso Nkomozamaduna Khumalo

Kkkkkkkkkkk, kakakakakaka, hihihihihihihihihihihi, hohohohohohoho, hahahahahaha, pwapwapwapwapwa, comedy of the year. Biti is the best comedian. Wishful thinking. Tsvangirai is here to stay. – Joel Mutasa

How many Mdc’s must break bfr Zanu breaks down – Douglas Shine

ikkkki ana Biti vanoda kuita sevakangwara ipo pasina,ngavangoita yavo party pane kuda kukama mkaka wakakora kare.munofunga kut ndimi munobisa cde R.G????if u ar good at challenging or u want a chnge as fast as possible,why cant u go n challenge n zanu pf bt l caught u,u ar lukng at a weaker syd moita semunoda kusunungura nxa nxa – Norman Utd Tinashe Manyengawana

MDC has failed to remove ZANU.There is a lot of CIO infiltration from the grassroot to the top.So we want a new party which is forcefully.Mind yu ZANU is a dangerous and tactical machine.We can’t remove it doing this confusion.We need to form a new party which have got a military wing – Kurauwone Chinyama

Tendai Biti speaking on Mangoma’s suspension. Now he leads a group that suspends others in their absence. Hypocrisy – @gidi_gabriel

Ava ndovari mugwara chairo vasususpendwa nemarebels kana kuti vaitofoma pati yavo nhasi – Norman Simango

Wanachi and company are traitors. They hav every democratic wright 2 form their own party. Pliz leave mdc-t alone. Lest they forget morgan is more. To khupe, lovemore moyo, chamisa and others its forward ever. Hon mwonzora pliz vaudzei vapfanha ava kuti vaita vatete. – Martin Mativenga Majoni

Power hungry – Peter Chipa

zvematuzvizvo. kkkkkk toda kzviona handiti tisu tinovhota? magumisira mbwa dzavanhu – Elvis Chakanetsa

Now they are turning the Party into a laughing stock..time to vote for Simba Makoni – Murewa Tindo

I have already said Biti is power hungry & Mangoma is a successfull failure,let them drive them that grave train.They will not go anyway bt faded,jaded &fall heavily. – Danweath Gwanya back to square one? – @Canonry

best thing to happen in Zimbabwean politics, Tsvangirai is an incompetent leader with poor leadership skills, damaged brand – @Duranrap

Should we worry? While Zimbabwe has no record of major flight disasters, there are concerns that sky safety could be compromised as local civil and military aviation are operating with aged radar systems.

We should be very worried….. – Sofia Mapuranga

the challenge in Zim is that we wait until disaster strikes. Until then, iven if we see that we are heading for disaster, we are content in our own comfort zones – Sofia Mapuranga

Do you think Madzoke genuinely wants to identify with the person in the street? Or is he grand-standing?

Wait and see, tomorrow will be something. Or maybe he is building himself a mansion with our money – Stanelas Dube

Mayor b serious,you are so ingenuine.a serious person won’t join a corrupt party in the 1st place.pliz stop yo nonse b4 kombi guys hits you. – Fidelis Chigwada

If he rejects his mayoral vehicle, then he should have soldit and the proceeds to charity. Then he was going to have our favor. Good man are always misjudged. – Jacob Chifire

If he is genuine why not refuse hefty salaries they get,tackling corruption of his party,stands scandal and so on.this is window dressing(come rain,come sunshine). – Danweath Gwanya

Instead if looting lyk his boss Chombo is doin he wnts to use bike thiz last days of Mugabe era. No one wl notice him aftr all coz every Zanu cadre is busy looting, fattening their pockets. – Joel Mutasa

Giv him tym. I guess thats the typ of cadres needed. Selfless yet we expect that in MOST respects than the car only to honour the need of the POVO as politicians call their electorate. – Leonard Jokochoko

Do you agree with Gumbo that Zimbabweans should not give MDC the mandate to govern the country?

It is Gumbo and team who have no qualities to lead hence the reason y we are now beggars. – Fidelis Chigwada

The expulsion of power hungry sellouts like Biti,who work in cahoots with Zanu pf will promote the growth of the mighty Mdc T. Mugabe was defeated long back by Morgan, everybody knows that…the stumbling block to state house is the security sector reforms that we are waiting for, to enable a free & fair election. – Gain Sibanda

Vanhu veZANU they should shut up! They are the ones who are causing all this confusion and misery to the children of Zimbabwe.All they know is dirty politics of killing anyone who is vocal that’s what they call ideology! – Kurauwone Chinyama

Who is Gumbo in MDC team to predict and give the parameters and roadmaps? – Irvine Mupfuri

Hogwash. Look at the country and show me any sign of quality leadership. – Andrew T Garanewako

Zanu (PF) Women’s League political commissar, Olivia Muchena, is backing Vice President Joice Mujuru to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

Makudo ndemamwe ose ane mahobi.We are tired with these people of ZANU.Surely Zimbabwe to be a better place we should not let these heartless, blood thirsty, corrupt and cruel people of ZANU to continue ruling us.What something special do yu expect from a person called Teurai Ropa? Do yu think that person is going to create employment and good living to the nation? Think Zimbabweans!We have suffered for a long time in the hands of these people. – Kurauwone Chinyama

Just like joyce banda,she can do it .we need anyone with new thoughts and new cabinet – Stanelas Dube

She is 100cement right,on merit basis Mujuru is waiting for a green robot to be president after the old man of zvimba. – Danweath Gwanya

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