Do you think government should legislate to control abuse by church leaders?

How can Ndanga be the leader of Apostolic churches whilst he doesn’t understand the values of other sects like (kuyera kweMasowe panyaya dzekupfeka shangu?). - Charles Matorera

Charles Matorera
Charles Matorera

Its not the duty of an association leader to ban a group, insteady they should only have removed the church from their association and other programmes pursued the abuse cases. Patronising church associations with political leadership will also result in such confrontation from the way i see it. – Charles Hermann Madhara

All rapists and abusers should be arrested and charged under current law. One political party uses rape as torture. Curb this. – @gidi_gabriel

They should legislate to control abuse by the brutal ZRP. Churches can legislate themselves. – @BelieveCitizen

Definitely not, why, aren’t there laws against these abuses already? Why create additional or separate laws for churches. – @pshumba

There are plenty of chances that he was catapulted to that position by the cio, the church is a very reliable catchment area for political parties. – Oswell Jeranyama

Trky question; certainly gvt mst nt infringe on freedm of worshp grnteed in constttion. – @stewartchabwin1

long overdue. So yes. – @CatherineMakoni

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