Mangoma alleged assailants aquitted

Nine MDC youths who had been accused of assaulting Elton Mangoma, the former deputy treasurer in the party, were acquitted today.


A magistrates’ court in Harare ruled that no evidence linked the accused nine to the offence.

Mangoma was assaulted on February 15 this year at Harvest following a high level party meeting. His assailants were reported to have manhandled him for calling on the party president, Morgan Tsvangirai, to resign.

After the assault, Denford Ngadziore, Francis Machimbidzofa, Enock Mukudu, Samson Nerwande, Stefani Jahwi, Paul Gorekore, Shakespeare Mukoyi, Rhino Mashaya and James Chidhakwa, were arrested for the offence.

A video that was produced in court did not feature any of the accused, resulting in the court wondering why the actual assailants were not arrested.

Witnesses, the court found, gave inconsistent evidence.

“The MDC categorically states that it has never been violent and that its members who were falsely accused reserve the right to seek redress for the needless harassment and defamation arising out of the concocted allegations. That Mangoma and others tried to drag the name of the party into disrepute is only an indication of their failure to understand the principles of this social democratic party,” said a statement from the Tsvangirai faction after the rulinh.

It added: “The MDC remains committed to fighting for a corrupt-free government that provides for jobs, health, education and service delivery to its people without fear or favour.”

MDC is currently mired in power fights, with a faction reportedly led by Tendai Biti set to breakaway and form a new party soon.

The rebels accuse Tsvangirai of dictatorship, violence and violation of the party constitution, in addition to weak leadership that has seen MDC failing to dislodge Zanu (PF) from power in elections since 2000.

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