Mugabe better than Tsvangirai: Biti

Former MDC-T Secretary General Tendai Biti has claimed that Zimbabwe is better off under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe than under main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mugabe Admirer: Tendai Biti
Mugabe Admirer: Tendai Biti

“We cannot run away from (President) Mugabe and go to Gumbura (convicted rapist pastor) who chases every woman he sees. We cannot have a Gumbura to lead the party and we cannot put faith in individuals.”

“We hear him on a daily basis that he has failed to settle bills and the next day we hear he is chasing after women. We are now hearing that he has lost his mind. I feel pity for people who continue following the MDC-T leader because they are following a spent force who has outlived his usefulness,” Biti said in Gweru.

“I do not know why Tsvangirai is coming up with a shadow cabinet because it is not doing anything. They are only following Tsvangirai across the country addressing rallies while not proffering solutions for the ailing economy.

“In any case the shadow cabinet is full of people who failed to deliver during the inclusive government. In the MDC-T, it is only I and Elton Mangoma who delivered on their mandate and President Mugabe has acknowledged that.”

Political commentator Langton Mbeva told Nehanda Radio it appeared Biti is the one who has lost his mind. “Comparing a womanizing opposition leader and a president responsible for mass murder shows you the immaturity of Biti’s politics. His obsession with Tsvangirai will never win him any supporters.”

“The impression this generates is that Biti has failed to win popular support and is constantly lashing out at Tsvangirai to try and undermine him. Biti is himself a well-known womanizer and this is a case of the pot calling the cattle black. The renewal team has amongst its ranks well known womanisers,” Mbeva said.

Meanwhile Biti announced that the renewal project would soon become a fully-fledged political party and would lure other parties to form a grand coalition. But other parties have spurned his overtures. An all-stakeholders conference slated for the end of May was abandoned after there was no interest in it.

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