No sympathy for ZBC

There seemed to be little public sympathy too for a ZBC cameraman, who was caught in the crossfire and ended up at the Harare Hospital. A vehicle belonging to the ZBC was damaged. In another country, injured journalists might receive sympathy but the ZBC is widely viewed as another organ of an oppressive regime. Zimbabweans will feel they found an outlet for their long-harboured frustration with the national broadcaster which continually extorts money from citizens, in the name of listeners&rsqu

The banned church – which forbids its members to own modern gadgets, attend school or seek professional medical attention – borders on a cult and police have grounds to enforce the ban passed by the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe. The citizenry however seemed uninterested in the background story.

Zimbabweans have endured unwarranted searches, beatings, extortion, bribery and shoddy service from a police force that often shows the brutality of its predecessor, the BSAP.

In recent years, ZRP has been culpable for the loss of lives resulting from reckless high speed chases as kombi drivers flee police who constantly seek bribes. Police have also been the government apparatus in farm evictions and home demolitions. Rather than being a source of security, the police have become a symbol of oppression.

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